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v0.99.00 - May 16, 2018
v0.99.00 - May 16, 2018
Major patch! 
Next up is the Pet Arena Expansion, then Pet Rune Crafting.

 -ADD: 'Guild Level Bonus' for 200+ guild level passives, which will increase the base Guild Level Bonus on all buildings
 -ADD: Max Guild Level increased to 1000 (from 200)
 -ADD: 5 New Pet Tiers (16-20)
 -ADD: Lab Upgrades can now be downgraded once every 12 hrs
 -ADD: New legendary pet damage upgrade
 -ADD: New Lab Upgrade: Card Rate
 -ADD: New Pet Training Orb
 -ADD: You can now force start a group challenge if you are 100+ levels above the challenge creator
 -ADD: You can now force start a group challenge if there are 4 or more people within the challenge queue
 -ADD: Skin Unlock : Incubus : Reach level 666+ (retroactive)
 -ADD: Skin Unlock : Crazy Glazy : Complete a Galactic Snackbar challenge (retroactive)
 -ADD: Skin Unlock : Abyss Terror : Catch a rarity 32+ fish (non-retro)
 -ADD: Skin Unlock : Octoclaws : Catch a rarity 50+ fish
 -ADD: Skin Unlock : Rainbown Unicorn : Private Message 'Erebs' the message 'unicorn' when he's online
 -ADD: You can now feed your pet 1000 food at a time
 -FIX: Resolved some issues with offline gains
 -FIX: Cleaned up an issue that would sometimes break rooms after bingo started
 -FIX: Cleaned up an issue where gold was showing decimal points
 -BALANCE: New expeditions now have their expedition point reward rounded up to give early bonuses towards expedition points an actual immediate hike
 -BALANCE: Auto DMG Lab Upgrade increased to 2% per level (from 1%)
 -BALANCE: Click DMG Lab Upgrade increased to 3% per level (from 1.5%)  -BALANCE: Ascension Pt Lab Upgrade increased to 10 per level (from 5)
 -BALANCE: Ascension Pt Lab Upgrade increased to 10 per level (from 5)
 -BALANCE: Pet DNA Splicing has been refunded, and revamped to now affect Pet Training 
 -BALANCE: Legendary Auto DMG increased to 2% per lv (from 1%)
 -BALANCE: Legendary Auto DMG cap increased to 100 (from 50)
 -BALANCE: Ascension Auto DMG increased to 4% per level (from 3%)
 -BALANCE: Pet damage has been completely revamped, and will now have individual damage that runs parallel to auto damage
 -BALANCE: Pet Dmg Ascension Cap increased to 50 (from 5)
 -BALANCE: Pet Dmg Ascension increased to 2% per level (from 1%)
 -BALANCE: Pet Dmg Ascension cost tripled
 -BALANCE: 10% Idle bonus now affects pet damage
 -VISUAL: Added hover tip on pet arena damage to show minor breakdown of damage (May need testing/help in resolving discrepancies)
 -VISUAL: First 3 pet tier skins revamped
 -VISUAL: New click attack animation (Disabled on low quality)
 -VISUAL: New splat animation (Disabled on low quality)

We are aware of Skin Unlock bugs, UI bugs within the lab, guild promotion issues and Pet Arena Damage issues. We'll be clearing these up between this evening/tomorrow morning in an additional maintenance. Please be patient with the issues until we have collected & reviewed all the reports for a one-off maintenance.
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