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v0.98.20 - Feb 13, 2018
v0.98.20 - Feb 13, 2018
New Years & Santa event replaced with Match 3
-FIX: /export should include guild.level properly
-FIX: Bug with clicking register for bingo multiple times has been fixed
-FIX: First time purchase bonus should no longer show on any packs that have been previously purchased
-FIX: 'Aqua' should now say "Aquatic Research" when investing
-BALANCE: Diamonds, Food and Gold logs are given in mass quantity for unlocking forest zones now. Retroactively awarded as well.
-BALANCE: You can no longer enter older forest zones (Forfeit option will be removed soon so you can just view the map with an active tree)
-BALANCE: Trees 1-30 have been substantially improved for low/mid players to obtain gold logs at a better rate
-VISUAL: Confirmation window added to Woodcutting 'Forfeit' button
-VISUAL: MOTD now visible on guild map window
-VISUAL: Woodcutting button icons changed up for current & next forest levels

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