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Short Story Community Competition!
IGN: Skadi     Genre: Fantasy

Kevin was happy. Happy as long he had a job. Kevin is classified as a zombie thats called "Undead Torso" and it was a great zombiejob. It was really easy to attack humans, because no one saw him when the humans shots on his friends PC Z, Bloat or Holester. But these happy days are gone.

All other zombieapocalypses are failed, but not on the planet Gamma. Kevin saw in the last big war against the enemy his own great leader "the Zed Master" and his generals. Zed was smart enough to lead the zombienation to the great victory.

That was over 3years ago and now Kevin realize that its really boring to be undead without a goal in his own life. All this infity with no one to kill anymore.

He heard for few months that a group of Zientiests researching for human clones to bring they back on this planet. The big goal is to build HumanParks, but Kevin does not believe this rumor. So the “Undead Torso” Kevin crawl along the streets with his depression and he is dreaming back to a life with a lot of bliss, joy and fun until the time no longer exists.
IGN: Justmethenab
Genre: Fantasy / plus Comical stuff but i don't know if it's allowed to have two category

Title: " Dream or dare? "

[The quote is from Boruto anime]
"Well, you see... life is like this train, as long as it stays on its tracks, it'll get to its destination eventually."

It all started one year and half ago, or maybe two? I don't really remember it. I saw a big wall next to my bed.. it was like a portal or something so i just touched it: i got sortha teleporting in another world.

It was confusing at beginning:
I was in a forest. Killed few Overgrown Rats and Forest Snakes because Bear Grylls teached me how to eat properly. I spot a very big bear, was like what the Ray? I saw him first so climbed an Ent next to me. The bear spotted me but I was up already. He became a Ferocious Grizzly for unknowing reasons, I don't know, maybe he didn't like my face? Came under the Ent and tryed to climb while I was like please slide down mister Pedobear I'm just a child for Ray sake! Somehow he slided down, or this was what I tought. The Ent started hitting the bear so I was like what the Ray? After the Ent literally knocked out the Ferocious Grizzly, I tryed to keep myself silent thinking maybe he didn't observe me. But this stuff started to scratch himself and i had to jump and run. My luck: Ent was powerful but very slow... I mean zombies are Advanced Gunnners compared to that tree. So I run and spot a strange stone in the water.. touched it and suddenly teleported me.

The weather was cold. How do you get warm in a winter place? You make a fire! No you can't.. i'm not Bear Grylls to start a fire from cold logs. Maybe was my first time when i started thinking why I don't smoke like every kid at my age? Luckily I found a hollow with some Bad Wabbits and was warm inside. That night I've slept with wabbits and two of them became my friends, they even helped me to escape from a Lynx. The Bad Wabbits found a dead Arctic Fox. I managed finally to start a fire and the fox meat was acceptable, plus I managed to make some leather clothes. Doing fine until I see a Polar Bear fighting an Ice Elemental so i turn back and spot a gang of wolves at one hundred meters coming slowly in my direction. I was so panicated that I blamed Ray and jumped in the cold water when I saw the stone near the river border. I touched it hoping for home.

What could be worse than wolves and living trees? My grandma on Facebook! Just kidding i'm talking about zombies. The weather was ok, the air had a strange smell but it was acceptable. Zombies were so slow that i could walk calmly around while they "run" after me. I started to search for the stone to leave this area and maybe get home. While trying to find the stone i got surounded by Hunchsters. I was terrified by them coming toward me, i could not see any escape, any breach throught them, and thinked: endline. Then I hear a loud noise when suddenly two friendly Brainfesters appeared from nowhere and vaporized all zombies in no time. Usually zombies eat brains, but these Brainfesters were warriors! I was safe! Night, tired, my eyelid slowly closes till i see a light, it was the stone! I gathered all my strengths, maked an effort, and touched it.

It was a beach! It was warm and nice even at night and I fell asleep on the beach. When I woke up Capt. RedBeard was in front of me with few pirates, they took me away, gave me a pickaxe and forced me to work on mines. Worked few hours then eaten finally. The beach was beautiful but the stones that I had to smash weren't so entertaining. I found some diamonds and crystals while mining and the captain was happy about that. He let me free that day. Sure the island was nice, not so dangerous like the other places but I didn't plan to be a slave and started to search the stone. I walked until a Roc appeared in front of me yelled that I have to go deeper in the mines, then flew away. I was a little confused and didn't understand and searched all over the place without luck. Next day I go to "work" and after few hours something shiny reveals on the ground. Roc was right ! I touched the stone and teleported away.

I don't like slavery but this new place was horrifying. Scarepumpkins, Bravecrows, Phantoms and weird creatures everywhere. I made one step and Jaysawn appeared from nowhere with a saw running towards me. Scared I started to run when Crushenstein appeared in front of me, he dashed me away then literally ripped the Jaysawn in two. I was like what the Ray is with this stone?! It's gettin worse everytime! I should've stayed with pirates ! So I started running and saw the stone... on a Grim's reaper. Disperately I've ran toward Grim and tought it's either I leave this place either I die. When I got closer he jumped over me and cuted Crushenstein in pieces. I've quickly jumped after it and touched the stone wich was in Crushenstein's brain now.

The old place was really horror. The last place? My last memory was a Troll cruhing my head.

I wake up, Level 1276, woodcutting, mining and expeditions waiting for me. Got two levels, another twenty Base Damage to be invested into click and idle. Feeded the pets, sacrificed fish, throwed snowballs in the event. The usual routine. Washed my face, teeths and gone to work.

What a strange dream... maybe I played too much yesterday?
IGN: Zornitsa
Genre: Lore/Comical
Title: Bedtime story

"Jimmy! Quit playing with your Tardigradizools, child, rinse and get out of that bathtub before you turn into a Delta sponge monster!"

"But Nana-a-a-a..."

"Don't you 'but' me, young man, it's bed time! Don't forget to wash your teeth..."

* * *

"Now, now, look at you, turns out there is a handsome young man under all that grime. Let's tuck you in... there, now be so kind to remind this old woman where did we end the story last night?"

"The whales. Oh, Nana, I saw Grandpa today. Near the fishing dock. Well, I think it was him, but he's the only one in a Heliboat, right? He seems to be still chasing that whale..."

"That fool of a man, your Grandpa! You know, Jimmy, you don't really remember it, but he was not always like this, your grandfather. He used to be a marine biologist, so smart and responsible. And handsome, mind you, you have his gorgeous blue eyes. He even wrote a thesis on preservation of the sea mammals. Lemme remember the title... 'The Negative Effects of The Global Warming Event on The Planet Beta Fauna'. Some people laughed and called it a myth back then, what did they know... But my brave man never stopped warning them. See, he cared about them fishies and wanted to protect them."

"So what happened to him, Nana?"

"The Fish Orb. That's what happened, child. You see, back then, we didn't know the Soul Orbs were cursed. He found one on the beach and brought it home and it was all great for a while. We didn't understand that this damned thing was eating at his soul until it was too late... And now my poor old man is forever doomed to try to catch a higher trophy fish..."

"Aw, Nana, don't cry! He still comes back some nights, leaves us fish on the porch. Maybe he's not lost completely. I bet when Mom and Dad come back they would have found a cure for him!"

"Now aren't you a smart young man. You are absolutely right, he brings us food, he must still remember his family. One day we'll find a way to exorcise him. And until then we have all the fish sticks we can ever eat."

"Just not the Poopaul's. They taste like sh... um... poo."

"Don't worry, my dear. Your grandmother has not yet completely lost her mind. How about we go visit your great auntie Lizzie tomorrow? She grows the best apples in her orchard, that old hag. She could never cook, my sister, not for the life of her, but gardening - mind you, she's always had a touch with those apple trees, even when we were younger than you now."

"Will you bake me a pie, Nana? With cinnamon..."

"And Sugar Crystals sprinkled on top!"

"Yay!!! Nana, you're the best!"

"I love you too, Jimmy! You're my favorite grandson!"

"But you have no other grandchildren..."

"See, exactly, my one and only favorite! Now let's get back to the story or you'll never fall asleep..."


"Yes, dear?"

"Will Mom and Dad ever come back? I miss them so much..."

"Aw, sweetheart... Of course they will! My son is the best space ship pilot. They always come back, bringing home tons of Planet Cores and other goodies. Your dad just went a little overzealous this time and set on a maximum tier expedition..."

"But what if their hull fails? Bob says, when a ship's hull fails the ship will be forever lost in an endless loop of idle AI battles..."

"Don't you dare to worry, Jimmy! They have the best ship upgrades and I'm sure your mother will never allow them to get caught in an 'AP hunt loop'. That woman can eradicate a whole fleet of AI ships just by looking at them sternly!"

"Ha-ha-ha! She's like a maxed drone all by herself!"

"Now quit overthinking, young man! You want a bedtime story or not?"

"Nana!!! Look, the window... There's a monster out there!"

"A monst... Oh, dear, the Wereverine... That poor beastie is back. Such a pitiful creature. Tsk-tsk. He must be sick again. Ever since he ate the neighbour's pet..."

"He ate Mr. Steinfeld's E-Coli ?!"

"Who in their right mind keeps a gargantuan E-Coli bacteria as a pet anyways? And now all the neighbourhood's lawns are suffering the consequences of that terminal diarrhea... Tsk-tsk-tsk, some people are so irresponsible. This whole mess reminds me of the time this woman Jena moved in house next door. Lemme tell you, the memories of the smell alone still give me nightmares..."

"Should we call the Holy Warriors, Nana?"

"Don't worry, Jimmy, he can't get inside. The house is old, built with just stones, sturdy... Worst he can do is transform the lawn into a swamphole. And you know what it'll mean for us..."

"More Ultinum gas for the Fuel Station!"

"My clever boy! Now shush or I will fall asleep before finishing the story. So, where were we... Once upon a time there was a boy named Ray, who found this ancient device, opened a portal to the Idle Universe and forever changed the world we live in..."

- END -
ign Div
category Dark

Jhern awoke to the ever present thumping as one monster after another threw itself at her shields and promptly died.  She had been sent to explore this newly discovered sun - so close to overpopulated Earth - with what appeared to be as many as ten habitable planets.  But as she approached, some strange force unlike any she had ever experienced pulled her closer and closer to the sun.  She had managed to break free before being roasted alive, but half crashed half landed on one of the planets.

That first planet appeared habitable enough; the atmosphere was similar to Earth's, but the creatures there were incredibly violent.  Even though her ship easily held them off, they never stopped attacking.  She assumed that she had wiped out several species as occasionally the attacker's features would change, but they just kept coming.  She worked feverishly to repair her engines, but upon finally lifting off the strange force had grabbed her ship again, and she only made it as far as the next planet before being again forced to land.

This turned out to be a frozen planet, but there was still plenty of wildlife, and it was all still bent on suicide by spaceship.  Jhern swore, and went back to repairs. 

Eventually she had planet hopped to the tenth planet, the farthest from the sun.  Each planet had varied considerably in both wildlife and terrain but the self-destructiveness of the inhabitants had not changed.  Several worlds were obviously heavily polluted or irradiated, and the creatures on those planets were nightmare inducing, but even the most innocent appearing animals would not stop attacking.

She finished the latest repairs and prepared for takeoff one final time.  She prayed that the distance from the sun and her engineering efforts would give her ship enough power to break free of the force.  With fingers crossed she powered up the engines and lifted off.  As soon as she cleared atmosphere every alarm sounded as the boosters strained to escape the system.  But one after another overheated and powered off, and she desperately steered for the nearest planet.  Everything went black as she crashed yet again.

Jhern awoke to the ever present thumping as one monster after another threw itself on her shields and promptly died.  Groggily she powered up her viewscreen.  And then screamed in despair and rage as she realized she was back on the first planet again.
IGN: BenVater
Genre: Comedy

How Do You Like Them Apples?

The room was often crowded and sometimes noisy.  It was full of adventurers, of course - but these were outnumbered 2 to 1 by their pets.  One could often tell who had been adventuring longer by the type of pet owned, but not always.  At one particular table, both adventurers had identical pets, and the often-confusing almost-identical names as well.
Ben's ent was chomping down an apple, while the other Ben's ent looked on wistfully.  Their mammoths were each gorging themselves on large baskets of apples.
"Are you starving your ent, BenV?" asked Ben.
"Not exactly," said the other Ben, "I give him the occasional apple to satisfy my OCD and round out his training."  He paused, then continued, "Have you ever considered the ethical issues of feeding apples to ents?  I mean it is sort of like cannibalism."
"Hmm," answered Ben, "never really worried about it.  Anyway, feed it enough apples and it won't be an ent anymore."
"Yeah," said Dave, who had been listening in, "I've got my two iceporcs thanks to a healthy fruit habit."
Ben admired the frosty, little critters.  "Say, Dave," he said, suddenly, "they look a little sad.  Do you ever pet them?"
"And get frostbite in multiple puncture wounds?  No, thanks!"  The iceporcs looked even sadder at this.
Ben turned back to the other Ben, "So, what else would you feed an ent?"
"Well," said BenV, "I've got this huge pile of fish meat.  Rather than sacrifice all of it to some unidentified power, maybe a little of that.  After all, early farmers planted fish along with their corn to fertilize it - or so I was told in school."
"Won't work," said Dave, "for some reason - probably for the same reason you can't fish with dynamite."
Ben chimed in, "Is that why you carry all that dynamite around and never use it?"
"Oh, I'll use it someday," said Dave. He turned and checked the bulky pack at his side, which strained at the seams with its load.
BenV continued, "Then there's all the things we kill constantly.  Maybe not all of them are edible, though I think an ent might do fine digesting a zombie. I've left several billion corpses out there to rot."
"Ah," said Dave, "I think they tried that at first, but there were several problems."
"Like what?" asked Ben.
"Well, in many cases, the pets spent more time eating than fighting, some died of obesity, others didn't know what was edible and what wasn't, and - in the worst cases - some were feeding so enthusiastically that they ate their masters. It wasn't unheard of to come across a lone snake with a suspicious bulge that it was busy digesting - and don't get me started on the axe-wielding wabbits. So, they were genetically engineered to be vegetarian.  It's all for the best."
"You know," said Ben, "if we weren't so busy deforesting the land, we might have some trees left over that could actually produce apples."
The other two nodded assent. "Ah, well, mustn't contend with the powers that be," said BenV. "At least there are many other ways to get apples."
The three were suddenly approached by a well-dressed man - obviously not an adventurer.  "Ahem!" the stranger interjected, "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation."  The adventurers did not reply, so he continued, "It so happens that I have an infinite stock of apples, guaranteed the best price in the universe."
Other adventurers paused their conversations as the salesman began to announce his wares.
"Wait a minute!" yelled Hoggy, interrupting his spiel, "You're that shopkeeper!"
"Price gouger!" Lili called out.  Other voices jumped in with loud disapproval.
The salesman started to flee for the door, but it was blocked by the sudden entry of adventurers with pets so heavily covered by filth and blood that it was hard to identify them.  Greetings rang out from the crowd, "Driller!", "Milenko!", "Tzarmy!"
"Challenge queue cleared!" one announced and everybody cheered.
The beasts jostled the salesman until his fine suit was filthier than they were.  With a strangled cry of disgust, he rushed out the door, amidst catcalls from the crowd. "How do you like them apples?"
IGN: SaberFury
Genre: Fantasy/ Lore
Word Count: 812

Our story begins in a universe that has formed with ten planets. Various creatures and mythical beings inhabit these planets and each have formed their own tribes. One day a new race of adventurers began appearing on planet Alpha and bewildered by their surroundings, they were unsure of what actions to take. Suddenly there was a rustling in the bushes. An army of spiders, snakes, rats, bats, owls, boars, wolves and bears arrived in front of the adventurers. These creatures began to attack, but strangely they came only in waves. A group of entlings charged at the adventurers, but these were  creatures unlike any they’ve seen before. Although the adventurers were surprised, they knew they had to kill them in order to survive. Finally, the forest guardian appeared and the adventurers could tell this was not a creature they could defeat easily. They worked together to fight the forest guardian, but they were taking heavy damage. One of the adventures was on the ground injured and cornered by the forest guardian, the man unable to move was facing possibly his last moments but suddenly everything froze as if time had stopped. At the same time, some of the adventurers began feeling a surge of energy coming from within, feeling immense strength they charged at the forest guardian. This time they brought down the creature with ease and saved the injured adventurer. They were puzzled at the power that was running through their bodies and perplexed at how everything had stopped moving except the adventurers. Then, the wind began blowing and they could hear the rustling of the forest as time began to flow once more. They felt their power slowly fade away. The adventurers had survived the battle, but there were more enemies still out there.

The adventurers decided to find a safe location to stay at. More adventurers began to arrive over time. They collected wood and mined stone and began to form a campsite as they planned to stay for a while. The adventurers discussed about what their plans going forward would be and they agreed upon working together to explore the planet and training to get stronger. Over time the adventurers began forming parties to venture out and then creating organized guilds. The adventurers learned to harness the abilities they had gained and they found out that their powers could not be continuously used. They could use their powers for a short period of time, then, there would be a cooldown, but this allowed the adventurers to travel further into the forest where they defeated tougher creatures. They began taming their own snakes, bats and wabbits as pets. Their pets fed on empowering apples that infused the animals with power and when fed enough, the animals would evolve into a new and stronger being. The adventurers soon found out that like a drug, as their pets ate more and more of these empowering apples, the pets required immensely more food in order to power up to evolve further. They needed a way to gather empowering apples faster and one day they stumbled upon a method to solve this problem. The adventurers had discovered empowering apple trees deep in the forest where only the strong adventurers could reach. These trees were guarded by creatures the adventurers had never seen before, but they could gather empowering apples as far as they could beat these creatures. What was truly amazing about these empowering apple trees was not how many there were but that these trees grew back all their empowering apples at the stroke of midnight. The adventurers just had to beat the creatures daily in order to earn the empowering apples and as their pets got stronger, they could go farther in to gather even more food for their pets.

Eventually, the adventurers ran into the rats and werethings tribes. Groups of two were sent out to take care of watchtowers and for bigger raids against enemy outpost, groups of six adventurers were required. The strong adventures grouped together to take the responsibility of clearing these outpost. The experience of battle allowed the strongest of adventurers to guide weaker adventurers through battle and taught the inexperienced ways to get stronger. The strongest adventurers pushed forward through the forest farther than the rest of the adventurers. One day these adventurers never returned and as others got stronger, they too traveled farther into the forest of planet Alpha, but like those before, they too disappeared. New adventurers continued to appear on planet Alpha but no one knew what had happened to the strong. It was a mystery but guilds continued to grow in strength and the adventurers taught the new and helped the weak gain the strength required to survive.

Here is where the story ends but it is just the start of a long journey for our adventurers in this new universe.
IGN: Khanate
Genre: Comedy
Word Count: 183
Character Count: 1,009

This is the story of a gentle Ent living peaceful in the woods. He had a wife and little baby ents, and worked his 9 to 5 in Peaceful Forest Corp™ as a Lifecycle Manager.

One day the adventurer adventured in the woods and enslaved the Ent and force it to fight for him. The Ent thought things could not get any worse! Away from his family and little kiddos! He fought and fought. He killed many beasts, demons, demons, and little snakes.

However the adventurer thought the Ent could get stronger, much stronger! He decided to feed it the apples growing from its brancesin order for him to absorb the powers of his kins and grow into an even bigger Ent!

"No! These are my future kids! Don't do this!" he pleaded.

But the adventurer forced him. Hundreds of apples. Thousands of apples. The adventurer pushed on and kept feeding the Ent its own apples. After eating exactly 21,600 apples the Ent died. It turned into a mound of bacterias.

Of these bacterias emerged the E.Collide. It's first words were "Hi Ray!"
IGN BigDogBigFeet   Genre Comical
A Dog’s Life in the Idle Universe
BigDog:  ”Pup”, “Pup”,  “wake up we are due for morning challenges.”  
Pup:  “Do we have to?”  “I would rather fish today”
BigDog:  “I promised you we would go fishing after chores and challenges.”
Pup: “Chopping wood and mining, again!”  “My axe is too small, it doesn’t cut deeply enough.”  “And, it’s taking me forever to gather all the stone.”
BigDog:  “Have you been working on your magic Orbs like I told you?”
Pup:  “Yes…” “I mean that’s why I want to fish more.”  “So I can make more sacrifices of fish.”
BigDog: “You do huh?”  “You sure you’re not afraid of the Infested Caves?”
Pup: “I am not.”  “I did not quit last time, I got disconnected.”  “My wi-fi foo fooed.”
BigDog: muttering under breath “ya something foo fooed alright.”
Pup:  “Huh, what?”
BigDog: Well next time you “disconnect” don’t leave all that foo foo on the cave floor.  “Me and Driller nearly both slipped trying to finish that Infested cave for you.”
Pup: “That cave had Bats.”  “Besides, you promised you would help me level up so I could clear those out like the Chaos do.”  “Big Dog?”  “How come when we level up we go down deeper into the inferno?”
“How deep does it go?”  “And…and what kind of monster could live down there?”
BigDog:  “No one is sure”  “The creator Ray with the help of Jay and the Team only left us clues in the mystical Developer’s Blog.”  “have you been reading the mystical Developer’s Blog, Pup?”
Pup:  “Ya, but I don’t understand.”  “It’s grown silent about the deepest inferno.. it’s like the inferno has become unlimited.” 
BigDog: “Some say the father of all Incubus is at the deepest level and the adventurer who slays such an Incubus will unlock the Champion’s Orb”.
Pup: “Some day.”
BigDog: ”Now let’s form up and finish off that last Infested Cave”.  “Ready here we go.”
Pup:  “Oops.”
BigDog:  “Pup, Pup!”,  “What happened?”
Pup: “I foo fooed.”
BigDog:  “Argggg, never mind just go fishing.”  “And fish from the Docks.”  I don’t want to slip on foo foo and fall out of the Helicopter……again.”
IGN : HawkX
Words : 395 / Characters : 2148
Type : Lore (maybe or comedy otherwise)

Counselor :
Sir! President Sir, we have a big problem!

President :
What is it counselor?

Counselor :
The economy is on the verge of collapsing! We though we were doing a good thing with the recent implementation but at the speed things are going, the worlds are going to run out of resources!

President :
Well it is true that it took all of our workforce many years to reach 250km depth in the mines in all of our 10 inhabited planets from Alpha to Kappa... and to cut thirty something acres of woods... and they are growing stronger and faster all the time. Some people have formed groups, organizations so strong we never envisioned such development.

Counselor :
Yes!! Many are already reaching 500km depth, while some are already arriving at 750! At this pace, they will get through every planets to their core and we will be left with nothing!

President :
We simply cannot let that happen! Could we perhaps try and distract the miners with some other activities? Something like Bingo or Fishing? Or we can just open up the closed up endless planet. That way we would not have to worry about anyone ever reaching the bottom.

Counselor :
We tried to distract them Sir, but it seems these people really have no life and stick to doing everything as much as they can! We even went as far as asking them to draw stuff in contests to pass the time, asked them to write stories, but nothing worked. They are still growing at an alarming rate. The endless planet might be our only hope.

President :
You should not worry so much! The entire galactic federation will be alright. We will eventually release the B.E.A.S.T. Program and everyone will forget about this and move on. We also have the pets program, everyone was given a pet to take care of, and from the statistics, we know people absolutely love their pets. We have been planing a pet expansion for some time now. This will keep them occupied. And should they get to the bottom of the mines, we will release the endless mine and nobody will even see the difference.

Counselor :
You are so wise Mr. President, with all the amazing changes you are planning, I am sure our people will be happy for years to come.
IGN: Gonnu
Type: Lore
Sorry in advance english is not my native language Confused

We are in 2057, 720 days I'm in this expedition ship. My crew mates changed 120 days ago and this was also the last time I had news from my family.
We have discovered new material on the last planet 44-006-Zeta. Zeta was a hostile planet and we had a lot of fights here, but, we regroup a sufficient amount of material to upgrade the defective sensor.
The next planet will be 44-007-Eta. We already explored this planet, but, it seems we have detected a new animal species. Eta is not a friendly planet she's surrounded by violent hurricanes and the thermal sensor detects a temperature of 102°C.  
Jack, Daniels and myself are the security officers inside the ship and this time again, we have to fight with the aggressive environment...

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