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Dev Diary 34
Hey Folks...time for a dev blog I think!

I will no longer add the month at the end of the dev diaries as they simply won't be monthly.

As many of you know January was pretty crappy for me and we got set back nearly 4 weeks on development, but we're back in biz! And a lot more than nothing has been in the works in the background Smile

So what's coming?

Gold Logs
Well aware of the growth of this new currency being a bit unbalanced, especially for those who didn't have the upgrades before. Changes for this are coming and are now active (although not official yet) in testing.

Pet Arena Expansion
Yes! Finally?

Lets take a look at some of your new opponents:
[Image: Screenshot_1.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2.png]

[Image: Screenshot_3.png]

[Image: Screenshot_4.png]

No word on just how high Pet Arena will go to, nor the changes that will be included for the rewards yet though. I'll get things running in test at some point then we'll make the necessary changes for then Wink

Pet Expansion?
Yes. We had a competition on this for community skins. We already have what we need for tiers 16-20+ skins, however, you'll be able to select your own pet skins instead of being bound to pet tier skins! 

But how you might ask? With a Petadontist of'll have a new window where you can select from tons of skins....find ways to unlock skins, or buy skins.

[Image: Screenshot_5.png]

New Shop
One of the most outdated systems in the game, is the 'shop'. I have had so many requests for being able to trade <x> currency for <y>. I always said no, because such systems would mess up the economy further, however, in a limited sense this isn't a problem!

So, how about a new shop that gives one-time deals, daily deals, etc? 
[Monday one-time Deal] Trade 50 Infinity Matter for 250 diamonds
[Tuesday one-time Deal] Trade 10 Wood NRG for 1 Bingo Ticket

These aren't official deals, nor specifically how it will definitely work, but we'll be looking at generating offers globally to players to make the new shop a nice treat.

[Image: Screenshot_6.png]

Unity Client
Holy I'm behind a lot now because of this crappy month. Trying to catch up on everything else but I'll be diving into this development heavily again soon for more updates.

New orbs will be coming again soonish, along with a likely 2nd layer for being able to use straggler crystals for improving the bonuses on all your orbs.

We have a new building coming early this year...but we also have guilds...not going to name any names...but guilds that are reaching lv 200. So some work needs to be done to improve the longevity of guild investments and participations.

Santa Event & New Years
Deductions have begun and will increase pretty quickly on the New Years Event...

Match 3 will be replacing both events very very soon.

IOU Official Website
Level has done some great work on a new official landing page for'll be official very soon:

[Image: Screenshot_7.png]

VIP Upgrade
We'll be looking at adding 1 new VIP upgrade over the next couple months. Undecided exactly which bonus as of yet.

We know of a couple issues going on with Bingo...we'll be working out minor improvements over the next few weeks. Bear with us on this, it's a pretty low priority system for us right now.

We are entertaining the idea to a major revamp to mining. Nothing official, nothing to really note at the moment but it's amping to the point that it needs some reworking for the future.

Other fixes/improvements
I know there's a lot I'm not mentioning...I'm brain-fried from jumping back into everything recently so apologies on that. We'll be working through a lot of the issues that have been reported and suggestions from Q&A that made it into the trello board though.

Things are active again in testing as well so don't shy from helping fry the issues before release Smile


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