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Change Final Blow to Charged Blow
First:  Why change Final Blow at all?

A number of reasons, but mainly because it is unreliable for anyone that likes to track their DPS, as many of us do.  The issue is that Final Blow is often times 'wasted' because even if it takes some time to get an enemy down to 25% of their max HP, you might only have one opportunity for a Final Blow to trigger and some of that damage may be overkill, which can really put a wrench in calculating effective DPS.  It can also make choosing an appropriate inferno tier difficult and costly, because not everyone in your party necessarily has the same level of Final Blow, and potentially even if your Final Blow is effective, theirs might be wasted.

I'd like to propose changing Final Blow to instead be a Charged Blow, where every fourth attack by each pet is the equivalent damage of a Final Blow, thus it's still technically only happening 25% of the time, just as it is now, but EFFECTIVELY it will be slightly better since it would be GUARANTEED to happen and a much more reliable form of damage, with less wasted overkill damage.

You could even add a little UI of 3 little 'pips' above each pet, where one gets filled in, changes color, bigger, or whatever you think looks fancy enough and then they all revert back to empty/small after the pet unleashes its devastating charge blow.

The point of this is to make damage more predictable and understandable.  And I'll even throw the word 'fun' in there, because I think it'd be more fun!!  (Especially for series, ugh it sucks when you get back luck and struggle to get the enemy down to 25% health before the timer runs too low to stand a chance!)

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