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Dev Diary 31 :: 2017 - June
Summer Time......I look forward to summer every year but things get so hectic that I never get to enjoy it.

I don't have a ton of things to announce so I'm going to keep things short and toss out a rough road-map, similar to May - as these seem to have a pleasant take from the community all the same.

These dates are estimations - bigger items could certainly end up being moved. This is a disgustingly busy time of year for me with my kid's birthdays all bunched up, DJing, summer maintenance and so forth. I'll be doing as best as I can to keep to the dates.

June 13th:
-Aquatic Research Building Release

June 20th:
-Wishing Well building release

June 27th:
-New Global Event release (Based on 'Beasts' as an experimental release prior to actual Guild Beasts implementation for a taste of the system)

July 7th:

-New Event (Clean Energy Shuts down for the next - might be early but I anticipate needing some time to squeeze in the global event)

July 15th:
-Ascension Upgrade Rehaul

Outside of that, there's actually still quite a bit going on and coming up that are not included in date releases. These will be released whenever, or will have a date scheduled later on.

Small-Item Surveys
Instead of offering a big-item survey for the next while, I will be releasing more frequented small-item surveys.
I won't be starting until around mid-july on the next big-item, which will be more of a major preparation for all the new major features ahead (Gear/Crafting).

Bug Cleanups
There's some bugs with older systems that shouldn't be part of a survey item, such as the PvP ranking issues, or some of the guild discrepancies. Will definitely be squeezing bug fixes in.

Two New Guild Buildings

[Image: newbuildings.png]

New Purchase Window (With new one-time packs, categories, etc)
[Image: packwindow.png]

That's it for now. Things feel like they are moving at a solid pace lately, thanks to the re-running of events. 

There's going to be more coming up than is mentioned here, but I don't know which of the list will apply, so play the rest by ear for now.


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