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Dev Diary 27 :: 2017 :: February
Skipped out on last Sunday's dev blog to establish some things for this monthly dev blog, which i'll be releasing ahead.

Straight to the point...

Legendary System
Is now out...however it will continue to be expanded upon and possibly rebalanced over time as new features and needs come forth. It may feel underwhelming for the moment, but bear with the updates and changes to it as we progress this year.

Chest Claims
This was technically IOU's very first 'event' (it's not a significant event but it's tied into the events system). It has been underwhelming for a long time, however as you can see the rewards have improved a good amount, and this had a nice little rehaul. This will be rebalanced over time further with different rewards, different values, etc.

Also, retroactive time has been added for claims. Let me explain how it works for those who don't yet understand it:

Claim 1 = 5 mins
Claim 2 = 20 mins
Claim 3 = 45 mins
Claim 4 = 60 mins

If two hours have passed before you have managed to claim any of the chests, this means that you have 120 minutes worth of chest claims stacked, so you'll be able to claim up to chest 3:

120 minutes - (5 + 20 + 45) = 50 mins credited to the 4th claim, leaving you with a time left for your next claim of 60 - 50 mins = 10 mins.

However, the 10th chest claim will completely reset your claim time and refresh it. 

Perhaps someone will be able to write up a better guide on the wiki to explain it in more detail.

Daily Claims
I'll be looking at improving this significantly early this year. I was going to look at this sooner but I feel like it can be done in a really nice manner, perhaps even being part of the survey.

Fishing outside of the fishing window
This is actually ready for testing this weekend. Finally auto fish without requiring the fishing window open!

Offline Card Gains
I had Jay work on this system a little while ago, and it appeared to work well, however it will still require more significant testing. I also need to consider just how this will affect the game, and whether it will be detrimental to the userbase, and to parties if players have no obligation to be signed in so much.

It appears they actively allow you to select which currency you are being charged. I'll probably be looking at enabling xsolla as the sole payment provider for users in the 1st quarter now.

I don't believe they cleaned up their own conversions but selecting USD as the charged currency should at least allow you to choose who handles the conversion.

ArmorGames release
Delayed another week due to some logistical problems

Delayed and delayed, I'm sure people are getting annoyed by the delay of this (which results in the delay of the next survey and primary feature focus). However I think the test database now finally has enough data to start testing this out more.

Also please keep in mind that even though this hasn't been a sole focus, that hasn't stopped us from making a lot of new updates/changes. The updates have been flowing quite well.
I am aiming to get this out asap though with testing so we can move onto the next major feature.

I'll be looking at ensuring the next survey is a bit more sophisticated than the last with hover details on what each option entails (How long it is estimated to take, and some details as to what it entails).

Level-Up Rewards
We still have a solid base system for this set up. However I think i'll just keep focus off of this and leave it as a survey item since it will require a clean UI setup.

Fishing Expansion
20 new gear and ~12 new fish assets have been prepared. We'll squeeze in the expansion for a longer-term fishing system, and to potentially allow new bonuses to fish value (which means more SO).

Soul Orb Balancing
I'll be looking at improving the per-level of SO bonuses so it doesn't feel as slow as it does late-game.

Event-Point Balancing
I'll be doing a stronger review of how to handle these based on the discussion in discord in the next couple months.

Match 3
I think most players will finish this well before the event ends, as unfortunately the ArmorGames release delays are going to cause delays on the next event release....sorry, but I really don't want to end this event just a few days or a week into a new major publishing.

More Global Events
It's not a significant focus, but it's being kept in mind for additional global events to spice things up with the community this year. The experiment with the new years event was a great study for me and I will be looking to improve upon that with the next one Smile

I'll be setting up a meeting with the team and working out some new ways to handle patches, testing, logs, and re-determine responsibilities between the team for a more efficient year. 

Community Discussion
I think after the survey results, it will be time for another public community discussion, tackling multiple topics ahead for this year.

Personal Notes & Opinions
I feel like the last couple months have been exceptional in the pace of development, as I suggested it would be with a lot of things having come together. I'm really, really aiming for a significant year for this game; no major server migrations, no significant delays on patches, and improvements all around.

I am going to say though that I have been reflecting a LOT since the new year regarding my unhealthy lifestyle surrounding the management of this game. IOU is obviously a passion, but it's also a game. I have been considering that I could possibly burn out without a healthier work-pace on this project, where time is spent more efficiently without hindering the current pace, but also allowing me a bit more spare time for other hobbies and perhaps a tad bit more than 1 week of vacation over several years. I don't feel burnt out (frequently tired, but very motivated), however it's bound to happen if I don't change a few things up.

This is where the 'Re-Organization' will be aimed at, and my responsibilities expanded to the team more, and handling the processes of the game a little differently.

And that's a wrap.

See you in chat,
Survey Results are in!

I don't think it's too much of a surprise, but the next major development focus will be: 

[Image: survey2.png]

Guild Rehaul

Isael is currently working on some of the new assets now...we will keep you all posted on the progression as we carry forward.

This will take a little bit before we even have a test build for the feature, and I suspect will require a significant amount of testing before we publish it on live, but rest assured it's now in the works.

What else? That's 4-6 weeks!'s a long stretch to wait for this rehaul. In the meantime, I'll be releasing another survey for a smaller-tier development focus for us to work on early this week.

Beyond that as usual we'll be working out several cleanups that don't take up too much time. 

And Then..
This AG release, survey, and plenty more has kept me a little too pre-occupied to plan specifically what we can expect for the next two weeks. However, as usual our patches will not be short of handsome changes.

I'll keep you posted later this week in the discord announcements Smile


I decided to take Friday/Saturday away from most of my responsibilities to just spend as much time as possible with my kids this weekend. It's Family Day here in Canada on Monday and I've felt a bit overwhelmed lately thinking about how much work is ahead and how little free time i'll have, so felt it was needed to avoid a burnout. That being said I wasn't as responsive, but be fair it was a weekend!

Anyways, personal boring stuff aside:

Auto-Reconnect & Party Issues
We've noticed an increase in issues with auto-reconnecting, and lingering issues with breaking parties. We've cleaned up a ton of things on the server-end for an upcoming patch for some strange party breaking occurrences, but also just released a client tonight that will auto-detect if a strange issue occurs with regards to the auto-connect not kicking in, and force it to trigger.

The version (if you type /v into the console [F2]) should be v0.93.80 or higher.

Client-Version Control
We spent some time recently going over some design and integration for client version control. This entails being able to broadcast to all online players that an update has been made. This will force a check on a parent container running the IOU client to see if there is in fact a new version available, and if so, update and auto-authenticate.

What could make this pretty interesting, is that you could ensure that you're always on the latest client without every having to refresh or relog. This could also allow for preloading the client before server-maintenance.

There's a couple minor technical portions I need to run through with Facebook and Kongregate, along with some ways to re-authenticate cleanly, but it's definitely looking good for the foreseeable future.

Side-Feature Surveys
Yes, this is now a thing. As you can see throughout expeditions plenty of other side updates were made. Some were very quick and easy, while others took a bit of time whilst undergoing testing or waiting for assets on the primary focus feature. These take less time than a primary focus feature, but can be done as a side-priority. You choose, we appease.

Guild Rehaul
We are working out a rather different approach to the guild buildings section. Currently the assets are well underway. I feel like significant progression can start being made on this in about 1.5 weeks, with functionality testing in 2 weeks to start.

This rehaul is quite massive and needs to be executed cleanly since it will affect everyone by a large margin, so testing and cleanups will be handled over a good testing period.

PvP Ship Arena
I've postponed this a few times due to things like the ArmorGames release, some stability issues, and other downtimes, but we SHOULD be able to just get this finalized this week. 

Other stuff
We've worked on little client-side fixes to old issues, along with things like adding batch scripts to allow for guild-name changes in the event something has to be done (for example, for having an intolerable name), improved broadcasting features, and other optimizations.

What about the next Event? What about the next GLOBAL event??
Yes, yes. I'm considering what the next event will now and should have news on that soon enough.

Global event? Bear with me, the assets for a massive guild rehaul are in the works! Perhaps when I have Isael (The artist) on downtime from that we can look into this more.


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