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Black Friday Freebies Profit
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For those of you that don't know what too do with your Diamonds on Black Friday Freebies. In my opinion for those that don't spend $$ on iou an those that do donate. If You Have then Good If you Didn't.. Think about it Wisely. 

Save up 2500 diamonds for the 4th ship expedition. An Buy all ships <---(Takes time)....Extra stuff like ship upgrades well that's your choice....I would prefer to save up your Expedition Points all towards the ships.

An Calculate how long you can regain your Currency. Example like if wasted too many diamonds well you can regain them in about a several weeks or so on....At the end..After you gained your currency that you had already wasted... All that will be profit towards your Iou Character. Congrats you just became a multiply millionaire business Man or Woman,Girl,Boy.  Big Grin

Please give me your opinions if this is a great idea or not. An Explain why?
If you love this idea then like me  ( __ __)

Iou Fb: CrazyLlama

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