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P.I.C. - Community Competition!
Improved design

Update on the sac orb, the left side is what you start with and what you get when you click the sacrifice button on the right side, the right side is how it looks when you click on the orb. Generally think it might be possible to have all your sac stuff in one window and only part of it updates similar to how you go in guild i guess. I honestly think the sacrifice page and the orb page on their own aren't needed to be windows on their own. I would also to be like this in fishing the sacrificial hut, since as is now you just do sacrifices and then you have to go back to orbs, it's not really that convenient.
I do think you'll lose to be able to see the current cost of next sacrifice and you'll have to click the arrow, but most i think do sacrifices once per day so i doubt it'll be an issue. You could highlight the resource that you selected out of the 3 shown for maybe added clarity. The use 1 use 10 and use 100 are buttons on their own


New feature

The idea isn't that original but i don't remember seeing it here, a friends list, and might as well add a block list for chat, the x is to remove the person from the list they're in, pm is whisper and join is to join their party which i guess would be the main thing you'd use fl for, to make it easier to join people outside the guild. Maybe there could be some more info added on the character, like their pets, dps, level and things like that which might be relevant. Also added an option to add person to 1 of the 2 lists from chat by clicking the person's name.

here is an improved design, very simple....but perfect and needed

.bmp   chall.bmp (Size: 490.34 KB / Downloads: 240)

Part 2..AN IDEA...... hopefully you can read it

.bmp   char.bmp (Size: 485.96 KB / Downloads: 229)
Comp part 1... very simple, but it would make so many people happy...
[Image: d2742963f07f4b1981aa19db8c09b91e.png]

Part two.  
[Image: 018b1b90f0694205be7e023c8337db99.png]

sorry i screwed up  my first post.. hope this works better..
Improved Design: 
(why, oh why we have to forfeit, to look how much more wood we need to chomp? Smile  - same window which is used (and to be used ALSO) on the Map) 

[Image: IOU_improved_design_PIC2.png]

New feature - I see in previous propositions few of which I'd want myself (cancelling expedition and visible counters of various things), so I'll be rooting for them Smile
Ok guys now i will start with my New Feature Design :
[Image: my_ideea.png]
This will include 3 new Feature/activities to the game :

 - PVP arena
 - Elemental Map
 - Mount

And here we start with our new features 
PvP arena

Each attempt has a 5 min cd and we can have 10-15 attempts daily.
Arena can have lvl tiers ( 1-130 // 131-250 // 251-500 // 501-750 // 751 - xxx ).
Dmg will be calculated by a formula by the tipe of ( base dmg * reduce resist )/resist {{ red. resist and resist would come from elemental map }}.
U can fight based on your performance tier [( IRON (800 points ) SILVER ( 2000 points ) GOLD ( 4000 points ) DIAMOND ( 6000 points + ).
Each fight would give 100 points and lose 25 points ( can add a trophy or ascend upgrade for increase points gain up to 12.5 % ).
Arena will reset weekly and points given can be exchanged on - Pet food / Mount food ( see mount feature ) / Dinamite / Fish nets / SO / Mining <> Woodcuting energy 
cristal / diamonds / ap / ep or valor.
Arena Reward: Iron 1000 / Silver 1500 / Gold 2200 / Diamond 3000 ( rewards can go up or down a bit depending on arena shop item cost )

By pressing there arena icon u will open a window with arena fights ( guildmates wont appear so u wont fight them )

After pressing the attack button a fight will start ( same format as challenge )


Elemental Map

Can u use the curent infinite chalenge series design to give us a 15 round fight vs monsters with increase resists , same format as pet arena that would reset daily.
There will be 5 types of elemental monsters [4 normal monsters and 1 boss each 5 rounds ] ( Fire / Water / Wind / Earth // Combined)
There chalenges and drop could look like :

1. Fire             - fire resist cristal        x1
2. Water         - water resist cristal     x1
3. Wind          - wind resist cristal      x1 
4. Earth          - earth resist cristal     x1
5. Combined   - reduce resist cristal   x3
6. Fire             - fire resist cristal         x2
7. Water         - water resist cristal     x2
8. Wind          - wind resist cristal       x2
9. Earth          - earth resist cristal      x2
10. Combined - reduce resist cristal   x6
11. Fire           - fire resist cristal         x3
12. Water       - water resist cristal      x3
13. wind         - wind resist cristal       x3
14. Earth        - earth resist cristal       x3
15. Combined - reduce resist cristal     x10



The mount can get direct uses in the new class feature having 4 attributes ( dex / strg / int / defence )
Can use the system from pets but with lower need in feeding or training based on the number of places where we can get or craft the food for the mount ( can be named like 
whips , carrots , hay )
Each tier can give passive buffs like increase dmg % or increase gold / increase xp / increase attack speed ( auto ) / increase crit chance / increase pet dmg / increase crit dmg 
WE can get to a max of lvl 10 mount with 10 passive buffs 

Mount window


Improve design

 Tired of fishing one by one each time ? We present u now the net fishing . Using our new feature will let u use 10 energy at once and get 10 random fish from the next waves ( 10 waves ) 
[Image: improve_design.png]
 Net fishing is affected by your curent "tackle and line upgrade" and upgrades from "Fish boat , Fishers Knife and Fish whistle".

Well guys i hope u like my ideea i know im not so good at doing the artwork but ideeas i would have tone .. if anyone thinks i should add more at anything from what i added just pm me and i will add more info to it Smile

GL & HF to all participants Smile

2 entries for the new feature design.
I had lots of ideas, but some people covered that up (Inventory with items looted or crafted/daily spins or Bingo type reward.)

Anyway here are my ideas :

Basicaly : Activities reward and Instant Chop tree/Mine clear.

[Image: Ngc0Eu.png]
DDssDD & karudea

Please make sure to only submit one thing for each of the two categories, ONE improved design, and ONE new design. Please also make sure to clearly define which is which, multiple entries for the same category will be deleted.
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Improvement design:
It bothers me a little bit to click and wait up to three times to collect my Expedition reward, that's why I wish to have a "Claim all" button which collects all rewards which are currently avaible to collect.
[Image: claimallavaibleq6x8gyi9lm.png]

Feature improvement:
Currently IOU needs Flash. As you may know Flash is dying.
Anyways Flash needs a lot of resources and that's why I came up with a solution which would even run on very slow PC's, a Raspberry Pi or a smartpone. And that 24/7; if you wish.
I present you the console version which could be accessed with a simple terminal (e.g. via telnet). So you don't even need HTML5, which could die sometime.
Also it doesn't need much caring, because it doesn't have a graphical Interface. That also means that updates could be implemented very fast.
[Image: iouconsoleuve837z4lo.png]
> means that a user have to input a command (e.g. go wood).
[img=200x200]][Image: New.jpg][img=200x200]][Image: Garden.jpg]<br /><br />With the garden you could grow plants, that directley give revards, or another feature within garden, next to shopl could be recipes, where you use different harvested plants to create a reward. [/img][/img]
Improvement design:
[Image: redesign.png]
Change shop and Character pages into pages like upgrades.

Feature improvement:
[Image: Challenge_Options.png]
The Challenge options panel well be like chat movable and semi transparent but smaller.
You'll be able to click join (around the panel just like your able to use abilities and click attack with chat open).

The options them selves need better placement and organization. (just thought about this really....)

Passworded/locked right at the top, could also have Show/Hide notPW/unlocked
Duos/Groups a little below locked/unlocked
All the Bronze together in one area
All the Silver together in one area
All the Gold together in one area

Sorry about my bad paint use, and the sadness of just realizing the placement and organization of my challenge options. Big Grin
IGN: Mythic       Guild: Chaos

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