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P.I.C. - Community Competition!
Improved design for the normal challenge screen:
Super awesome update idea:
Challenge helper... I dunno orbs or crystals or friend stickers or something...  Every time you help pass a 2 or 6 person challenge which at least one person in the group hasn't completed(to help prevent abuse of the system and include challenges you're completing for the first time) you get a 50%+1% per challenge soul orb level to find a challenge helper crystal.  These crystals have a corresponding level based on how many you have and increase card damage by some percentage (Maybe something like 300 crystals for lvl 1 and 5%, 1000 for lvl 2 and 20%, 2500 for lvl 3 and 45%, or like 100 for lvl 1 and 3%, 150 for lvl 2 and 6%, 250 for lvl 3 and 9%)
heres my concept/take on the card pack screen, all selection should also be doable manually
[Image: ENfMHVc.png]

As my new feature submission i would like to introduce the Magic Cards (random name btw).
Magic Cards are special cards that function kinda simular to items and give a possiblity to advance and customize your character more and furthermore gives more value to the x2 card drop feature.
In my thoughts these magic cards have a very small chance to drop from normal monsters, higher chance on bosses and the highest chance from treasure spawns (the more rare the treasure the better results, e.g. epic chest drops with highest chance. The chance is doubled with the x2 Card feature. Magic cards give different boni. You have several card slots where you can equip these. In my example we  have 3 different types of cards: offense, gains and bonus cards. The bonus cards are special cards that you can find that give direct boni like more max nrg or simular things. Additional i can think of cards that you can directly exchange for stuff like sacs, nets, etc. Your playerlevel and the infernolevel you got them from determines the card´s tier. (e.g. displayed by the small number on the top left of the card) . This gives endless options to optimize and specify for certain boni. Once a magic card is in a slot you can put a new one in but the old one gets destroyed. Cards that arent needed can be disenchanted to normal card packs. Which card pack it results depends on the tier of the card that gets disenchanted. In the following screen you see how i imagined the card slots screen could look.
clicking on a offense card slots will display only offense cards, for gain card slot only gain cards etc....
[Image: RiAs024.png]

For the disenchanting screen i imagined the following:[Image: zy3iWkw.png]
here also: selecting offense will display offense etc. , with the option to select all or all under a certain tier level.
The card stacks shown in the card forge screen and disenchanting screen will display the cards of the same type (e.g. on one stack all cards that increase auto dmg% with different tier levels)

The possibilities this gives are nearly endless
Design: Have the 'GAME' button drop a sub-menu, and move the 'CLOSE' button above it. Clicking the banner or the main screen area (where you would click to attack) would also close the drop down as a safety net for players. To avoid annoying extra clicking when you have to take care of business, the drop down stays open after you exit a page accessed from the sub-menu (ie., Woodcutting). You can apply this to all of the buttons with sub-menus.

[Image: 4UDLm4i.jpg]

Feature to come.
1) Design
To come

2) Improvement

Put all rewards in a new chat window. This will reduce popup frequency alowing for a lot less clicking getting through tasks. 
This could also accumulate things from a 1 minute period, for example stones/wood/sacs and display as:

75000 wood chopped
50000 stone mined
70 sacrafices made
Improved Design: Mining/Woodcutting Energy Display

[Image: iouhd_pic.jpg]
As mentinoed before and i think one of the thinks i forget the most in fishing is the max energy, simple notification for this would be great:

As for a feature, i myself help in quite a bit of challenges and very much of them posted in worldchat. So maybe it would be possible to join from the chat?
I want to enter the Second Part of the competition!

As we have no real use for Crystals from the Mine I came up with a nice little thingy to use Crystals at:

the Crystal Garden! 

All you need is a Solution of some Crystals, a Seed Crystal and a String to attach it to.

My main Goal is not to make this feature need much attention. This is an Idle game after all.

It should be a slow-Paced Longterm Investment thingy.

P.S.: it would also be nice if the crystals really grow; just scale the immage up as they gain more growth points. (a fresh crystal would be really tiny)

Here is my design concept of the Crystal garden screen:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=221]

(why is the pic so small??)
Here some thoughts about balancing:

High-value Currencies should have expensive Seeds.

If you harvest the crystals too often you spend a lot of crystals on Seeds.

As you can Harvest Crystals anytime there is no preasure to be online.

The levels of the Crystals themselves should not affect the outcome too much.
those levels are intended to create a feeling of Progress.

dissolving Crystals in the Solution increases the rate at wich the crystals grow.
It is needed that the growth rate is the logarythm (I used the ln in the Picture) of the solved

crytals. (or else the grow could become too fast,)

you can also buy new Strings to dangle more Seeds into your solution.

thw whole Thing should be a slow-paced longterm investment thing wich only requires minimal involvement

by the Players. (it should be good for Players who can not be online very much)

P.S. I would like to answer to questions about my Balancing thoughts, if you want to contact me its Proably best via Discord or Kong PM

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.txt   Balancing Suggestions.txt (Size: 847 bytes / Downloads: 193)
[Image: 443129158.png]
these is my Improved Design, it's show you the player when he click the left mouse button .
[Image: 675009841.jpg]
and these is my New Feature Design, it take long time to make it, I hope you like it ^_^
Sacrifical offering screen improvement:

[Image: cef74f28338e54551ae0ce42bab2e327.png]

Quite simple as you can see, but it would help a lot calculating our daily gold/fish expense, and also how much time will we need to get our next orb more or less. We could also add the sum of the 3 columns on the right if people find it necessary.

I'll edit with an idea in the future if I have any.

  1. Improved Design:
    Having a sorting option inside the guild members window could make the life of leaders (and others) much simpler.
    A click on an already selected sort option, would change the order of the sort to be descending/ascending
    The default sort option selected is "Role" (descending).

    [Image: DCxZ6RC.png]
  2. New Feature Design
    Fruit Picking. It'll have quite the same design as woodcutting, except you get food for your pets instead of wood.
    It might incorporate food for beasts instead of food for pets.

    [Image: YXf6iAL.png]

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