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New ideas
If you guys have some ideas about reasonable competitions outside of IOU (but related) post in this thread 

Lynn wants to see what you guys think so if you can explain how your idea would work and how to reward winners/participants would be helpful.

In my opinion daily codes is bad thing so we should change it with something that could get attention of other ppl
2 ideas from what i heard personally from others

New pet art each participant would be rewarded with example jumbo pack and winner art would be taken as reference for new pet

Best challenge carry top 10 listed would be rewarded ranking would be based on popularity not dmg
Maybe something like a "Name that mob" event? Could be hosted on discord in a special channel and the host would post a picture of a monster or fish and the first person to post the actual name would be the winner. It could also be played as guessing the world and level the monster belongs to. Or even in reverse - The name of a monster is posted and the first player to post a picture of it or say what world / zone it belongs to.

The reason I suggest this type of event is it is welcoming to all players of the game. There is no real life skill required other than remembering / memorizing
Good idea but first who guess wins is bad thing since many ppl are from different time zones we need to give time for everyone to participant
Its not meant to be a week long activity...Its meant to be a predetermined event to be happening at a specific time. There could even be multiple ones to accommodate different time zones.
yes that can work we would just need more ppl to supervise this ^^
Lynn's idea of a little competition connected to the daily codes was a good idea, as it is the easiest way to realize something like that.

A new paint competition will be lik the last one: hard to judge and to compete for the most. i guess the there will not be a lot of entries this time.
The top ten challange carry can't be a good idea as it would make fat cats even fatter, i aplologize for this imidiatly.

In my opinion Tumladar's suggestion of little riddles combined to the first to guess on discord like Lynn's code quest would be easy to realize and can bring a lot of participation and make the chat more popular to everyone who ignored it untill then.
The time zones are a problem, but it can be dealed with that if there isn't just one specific time.
If it takes places on one day and, let's say every 6 hours, everyone will be able tp try participating in it.
On the other side sould it be forbidden to participate more than once.

It would just take 4 question (nearly the same difficulty) related to IOU and i guess more than just Lynn to supervise it.
After announcing this 1 or 2 weeks earlier, everyone can have a try. Even several times if you know you can not answer the question.
Like i said in my idea ranking would be based on popularity not dmg i myself know many f2p low lvl players who help often on kong chat room 1 or discord with challenges and even if they dont have enough dmg to clear challenge they always eager fill spots for others which is very helpful
I think it would be still too difficult for new players (< lvl 100).
I don't want to devalue their effort on helping other people, but aksing who is the most famous wouldn't make their chances bigger.
Then lets say reward for biggest attention whore will be lower than other related things i just want to see my name as rank 1 ^^

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