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Dev Diary 20 :: 2016 :: June
Hey Folks,

Feels like New Years was yesterday....this year is flying by...

I feel like things have been on much better track now since the migration was completed (and most issues from it fixed). We still have a list of bugs/QoL to work on, but more importantly the major pet rehaul.

Every update this year has felt incredibly rushed and hasn't been what most people envision 'game development' is about - stressful. But on a better note (for my own health, and for IOU in general) we have realigned the track and are moving forward on the bigger systems.


Pet Rehaul
-Pet arena rollover with rebalanced difficulty system (opponent 31+, 31 will be opponent 1 again but with opponent 31 difficulty, for example - similar to series challenge)
-5 new pet tiers (with 5 more planned, at least)
-Major rebalance on pets
-Upgrade map with a TON of potential upgrades via Pet Points. The existing PP shop will be removed and PP will be refunded for the new system. There will be a few exciting paths to take in the upgrade map, even new passive pet abilities, and tiers of pets will have a more impressive purpose, as will performing the daily pet arena.

---Expected date of release: Hoping to be pretty much done and set for testing mid-late next week. I'm taking my sweet time on the public release of this simply because instead of releasing parts slowly, we'll be releasing the full package all at once.

Clean Energy Event
I'll never understand the hype on this event, but since we definitely don't have time to write a full event-game for this month, I intend on recycling the Clean Energy Event, except i'll also be looking to change it up a bit more, as from my understanding of this event, was that it just motivated scripting since it was an upgrade & wait event. What the changes will be and how much will be changed will depend on the release of the major pet expansion, as the event will be released shortly after.

---Expected date of release: 20th-30th. Impossible to tell at this point.

More Playerbase?
After the promo on Kongregate we appear to have secured an astonishing +30% increase in the already sizable user-base.

However, Kongregate has been working with another medium-sized publisher to push IOU on. Not sure what to expect, as this wasn't on any of the major portals we have planned after UI and other updates are complete, but a sizable increase in the player-base is expected. In the efforts to prepare for other portal preparations has lead us to integrating XSolla, a new payment provider that can go as far as accept a subway card (along with paypal and all the others), so that might be a plus for players who have their limitations with Paypal when we move everything over to them.

In any case, no development direction will be changed or guided differently from new publishing.

---Expected date of release: Before the 10th

I know people are heavily concerned about the expedition expansion & new gameplay mode into the ships/pvp. I have plans that i'm excited to get moving forward on for that, but I doubt we'll see progress on that until the beginning of July.

That's all i've got for now!

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