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Ascension Inminent... Best way to use Ascension Points
I'm at level 36 and i have 12 ascension points instead of 10 like some guide said. What is the most efficient and benefical in the long term use of my precious ascension points? I'm tempted to use it all in auto-damage or auto-speed, but maybe it's not very wise in the long term.
Party boost is generally what you want to focus all the time.

I personally love to keep both wood/mine NRG+ maxed.
Because of this I'd recommend maxing wood/mine NRG+ and getting 1 point in exp.
- This will be more beneficial for you in the long term as you can just find carries to keep you leveling fast rather than needing party boost right away.

Though some people might tell you to put 2 points into party boost, 1 exp then 1 auto crit.
If you do this just make sure you're in a party at all times, otherwise the bonus from party boost is useless.

Remember you can always 'reset' ascension points for free. <-(may not be permanently free in the future)

You have 12 ascension points because of your guilds Fortress level, the fortress increases the amount of ascension points you have by 1 each level. (You will get more when you ascend)

Ps: I like your name xD Suits my title. Tongue
You can reset your ascension points for free. With that being said you would want to spend your ascension points into auto,gold,xp stuff when you grind. Before putting into those I would definitely consider investing in the NRGs since these essentially double your woodcutting and mining output. When you do woodcutting you can reset for woodcutting damage and gains to maximum your wood.

Edit: Nvm ninja'd by vosavo Tongue
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Wood and Mine then. Thanks guys! Smile
(01-22-2016, 02:22 PM)Bored Wrote: Wood and Mine then. Thanks guys! Smile

Anytime, if you need anything you can also give me a whisper on Kong:

/w vosavo2

That can also include challenges.

Assuming you're on Kongregate, if you're not you can ignore that xD

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