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First Day feedback
Just got the app today and works well so far. My biggest complaint is being kicked from groups at random. Not sure what the deal is with it but I will be moving along fine with a group and as long as i'm clicking it keeps me in the party. less than 2 minutes after stopping "clicking" I get kicked from the group. The phone is open and the app is running. Using a Galaxy S5.

IGN on mobile is Seroku. lvl 13 currently

Edit: Another issue is I can't use the guild menu to find a guild. It just keeps saying "Getting list of open guilds..."

Edit_2: Issue with chat swapping back to region when in party. I click party and am there for a few seconds then it switches back to region. This affects typing making it difficult to put your message in the right channel (party vs region)
it's probably because the client version for mobile isn't up to date with the browser version

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