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Challenge system overhaul
Well,in the time waiting for the new challenges to come i was thinking of a way to always have challenges to do,of a way to always have that one solo challenge that you still need to grind to be able to beat.In it's current form ray may add some difficulties or even some new challenges to fight but the time when most of us beat them and will ask for more will come again making ray to use time on new challenges and not on other improvements.I thought of an idea how to make it work without having ray coding new challenges every now and then and the artist to relax for a while longer so if you read it please comment with any tips or critics and if ray likes it maybe together we can make it work.

My idea is based on changing the challenge system and not adding new challenges,in my vision it should work like this: 

After a player cleared all the possible challenges and reached their 735 CP their get the option to respec their challenges,the player will keep their CP count and the millestone and challenge bonus.All the challenges will be set at 0 progress and you have to clear them once again but with increased difficulty,for difficulty increase use the same formulas as now so the new bronze rats solo will be ~8m hp while the original bronze rats solo was 700hp.How i figured out the 8m hp is that i noticed that rats solo has about same hp as tribal solo of the previous difficulty with small differences Uhg Solo is always close to Were solo of the previous difficulty so ray deffinetly has a formula out there he can use for it.

Why i think this idea is good it's because it will give us an always evolving challenges feature where you'll always have stuff to do no matter if your CD is 100m or 30b and it will have ray to use his time only for some balancing and tweaks here and there instead of always adding new difficulties and challenges and saving some $ on the artist as well Big Grin

*The challenges that you create to their left will have a R0 if you never respeced,R1 if you respeced once,R2 if you respeced twice and so on,also a player can not see challenges of a highier respec rank that his own so if you respeced only once you won't be able to see the challenges posted by those that respeced their challenges more times than you basicly because if you didn't manage to get enough fire power to finish your challenges you won't have enough dps to deal with the ones with even highier difficulty.
**Add a small filter to be able to see the challenges of only your respec level for those that don't like/want to help the guys lower to make their challenges list smaller.
***Not sure if i wrote down all that i had on mind so if you have any questions ask right away and since i'm not a native english speaker please ignore any typos and grammar mistakes Big Grin
Edit1:Forgot about the rewards,basicly the rewards should be the same as now so after you respeced you start gaining again CP and additional challenge bonus(those 8 bd for beating a were solo for example),since there is already a formula out there for the milestone bonus it should stay the same just maybe after reaching 1kCP the milestones you get will be for every 200CP and not 100CP so you will get additional bd at reaching 1200CP,1400CP,1600CP and so on in case that the milestones bonuses become balance breaking.
Edit2:Throwing some sacrifices in as rewards would be great,here's the idea after your first reset you get 1 sacrifice offering for each challenge cleared,after your 2nd reset you get 2 sacrifice offering for each challenge cleared.The challenges scale in HP quite fast so it won't be raining sacrifices on you but instead it will be a nice small bonus to level up your orbs a little faster every now and then when you manage to beat a new goal.(this idea belongs to saxx) Big Grin

Also Ray if you like it and want to make it happen please comment it so i can get drunk because a dev liked something i did for the first time Big Grin
I think this idea is good, this also makes us who have already done the challenges something to do again. Because right now we have nothing else than just afk farming killing monsters. This would make us have to not just improve our idle dps, but also our click damage. Most of us have abandoned the path of click upgrades long time ago, and I am one of them. Since there is also challenge orb and click orb, they are also quite useless now because challenges are no problem for us anymore.

If we would make a system similar to the orbs with Challenges it could be very interesting. The higher challenge tier you get the better rewards and longer it takes to finish the whole tier. Right now alot of people can solo Rage were group, which was one of the challenges people didnt even see themself clear, atleast I didnt when I was new. Obviously a reset 1 Rage were group will be an issue for most of us. Maybe not the very highest level players, but for most of us I believe there will be a struggle and maybe rethink their path to actually start building up their click dmg again.

I dont know what the rewards should exactly be, but still having CP I think will be cool. Maybe increase the required CP/milestone so it wont go overboard in dmg gain from the base dmg. But Sacrifices I think would be a nice feature in the reward system. Because once you reach T3 orb it requires so much to get to T4 it is crazy. So another place where to obtain sacs would be nice.
It seems like the only way to add more challenges without just adding 50 more would be with some sort of 'prestige' feature, I like this idea especially with a filter for each 'respec'.

I suggested something along the same lines a while back. Anything that makes old content repeatable is good in my book.
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+1 for this
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I have some plans regarding long-term challenge system expansion. This obviously has to wait for the new server, but it's definitely up there among the offline gains system, pet arena expansion, and so forth.


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