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new Kred pack idea?
could be an unlimited pack

Rando/Card code pack

X diamond worth for support level (like pet pack)
X amount of rando code (will automatically be executed/submitted so you wont be able to give them to someone else)
X amount of card code (will automatically be executed/submitted so you wont be able to give them to someone else)

this will make some happy gambler


10 Kred

25 diamond worth for support level
1 rando code
1 card code
I strongly dislike gambling aspects in games. If you decide to pay you should get what you pay for. Not some random chance at something.

I fear the day equiptment gets implemented since it opens up for random equipt packs and such and I fear the game might go the way of DotD. P2W is fine to a degre but adding gambling on top of that is horrible.
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Personally, I am against the implementation of RNG-heavy purchasing mechanics (gambling purchases). I was a very active member of the game that Zakariaz has mentioned, and the gambling mechanism was the only way to purchase some of the most powerful upgrades, and that made it extremely expensive to keep up with the other spending players, with no actual guarantee of receiving what you were hoping for.

Perhaps a gambling mechanic would introduce a nice change to the game, but I don't think that participation in this should be via direct currency purchases (kreds, $, etc). An in-game currency earned through standard gameplay would be much better for this kind of mechanic.
Gambling with purchased currency usually doesn't pay off for games in my experience, usually drives people away. Gambling with in game currency is a big draw in most games though.

In all cases every successful example I've seen has the odds balanced so that it is easily possible for you to win the largest prizes fairly often. Either by making them not that rare (super rare and mega rare cards on card games with 1:10 or 1:100 odds), or by giving you hundreds of tries. In IOU's case the current random codes aren't setup that way, for instance you can pull an inferno pack from the card codes but it's probably a less than 1:1000 chance. The reason people don't complain is because the current codes are free, start making people pay for them and a lot of them will get angry even if they are just paying for more codes since some will have bad odds and others will have great odds.

IOU is an idle game, it's not a gambling game. I would like to see a few more gambling type elements though, either with decent odds or not huge prizes. Kind of like how sacrifices give 100, 250, or 500 experience. Not like the odds and prizes on codes. Pretty sure the wishing well is going to cover that though.

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