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Community Competition (Closed)
Hi everyone,
here it's the result of my hard work, i'm sure you will love it.

zzzi (in game zzzzi)

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Hey there!

Here's my first submission. Special thanks to Porkbob for the inspiration.

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[Image: pLvT0NS.png]
Pet 1: BallHead

[Image: PfmIHcF.png]

Pet 2: OddityEats

In Game Name: Mythic (Same name on forum here, and discord)
IGN: Mythic       Guild: Chaos
My first submission  Shy
(ign Storker)
[Image: S06SgM2.png]
My first submission
[Image: H36fzbP.png]
[Image: tUg55mp.png]
Second submission
[Image: ntELNG1.png]
[Image: 8MrzdKw.jpg]

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Oh man, I drew a lolled monkey!

[Image: unknown.png]
Status: Leader of Fire Clan (GL 636), Level: 25000+
My submissions:

1) Platybite - An aggressive Platypus that blows air out of its nostrils when it attacks. Dedicated to a special lady in IOU:

[Image: losG4eeCTYepMSXcBcZ5jQ.png]

2) Elefight - A Fighting-Elefant and the attack effect could be its eyes glowing or the rings on its tusks flash:

[Image: UPovMIeORKyJis2KoDv4iQ.png]
Thumbs Up 
Picture 1: Name: Scum

[Image: IOU-pet-contest-drawing-1.jpg]

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