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P.I.C. - Community Competition!
Improved design:

taxidermins window - instead of having 6 pages, have a scrolled list of items, with the ability to filter desired range of fishes (which is also kept until reset or changed). 

Note: the progress is how many so far/the goal (not how many left as it is now)

[Image: Rlf4YRI.jpg]

New design/feature

3rd pet, accissible after reaching inferno lvls (200+).

It can provide usefull perma buffs (that are improved via upgrading and per leveling - as always I craeted a sophisitcated system, probably far too sophisticated).

[Image: 88Rc303.jpg]

Inferno stone -> obtainable from mobs with low drop rate (and amount rate) or from trading gold (10b gold for 1st, then 10b more for consecutive).
I am a Nerd.  Angel
Improved Design

series reply button without reconnecting 

[Image: NPB4Hhi.jpg]

New Feature Design

Daily quests:

do challenge 0/1
catch fish 0/1
but sacrifice offering 0/1
defeat opponent on pet arena 0/1
cut tree 0/1
dig in mine 0/1
feed pet 0/1
claim a chest 0/1
buy upgrade 0/1
start expedition 0/1

[Image: FXtZjpX.jpg]
Improved design

We can still offer one at the time. Added the multiple one so we only click once, Can have a confirmation checkbox to not buy too much accidentally. You can even put a buy max if some users do that.

New feature design

Shortcut tab in the setting where we can change some stuff.

For the vote, make it so we can choose our first choice, second, third, etc. This way people who voted a losing design still have a vote that count somewhere.

use expedition points  Heart

Using Trialpay, players can earn themself extra diamonds throgh 3rd-party offers. Kongregate use the same to earn Kreds (totally forgot the cross the 'Kreds' on the screenshot), but by being implemented directly in the game, Kongregate doesn't wind up taking a large cut, and people who otherwise doesn't know about it gets to know it.

Likewise for and Facebook players who gets access to that extra source.
[Image: 29d58baafcff4262a0d933578ebcafd8.png]
Improved Feature

An easy way to add up more trophies into the game because the trophy trophy is actually pretty hard to get in the late game... Also the more throphy points we have, the more we will be able to invest into trophy upgrades!

New Feature

Not really sure if the idea of the devs for Guild Beasts isn't something like mine but I hope guild beasts are going to be a more complex feature.
For now I present my idea for Guild Challenges - A guild challenge is gonna be a challenge where parts (or the whole guild if ever possible) will complete. They don't need to be distinguished into Bronze/Silver/Gold as they could be like 10-20 levels, each harder than the latter. And they should give one time rewards like incremental AP/Dias/Any Currency the devs wish. In example level 1 guild challenge gives a total of 10000 diamonds which is than split up into the players as %dmg based rewards. 
What I mean-> A player has dealt over 20%, thus he gets tier 1 reward, let's say 1k diamonds. Every other tier should require fewer %dmg and should give lesser rewards.
This will make people invent strategies and try to think around how to get the most of guild challenges as if you get a reward once, you shouldn't be able to retry the challenge and get a higher tier reward. And I don't mean you shouldn't be able to have another go at the challenge and carry people after you've been carried, I mean you just won't be rewarded if you hit a higher tier. This will incorporate some difference in the stronger players and the weaker ones at the point of feature creation but I think that's okay.

I hope I've made that as clear as possible and although I think I am fluent in English, I might have made a ton of mistakes for which I am sorry.. I got the idea in my head in my native language :/
Improved Feature:

Button to hide the log spam:

[Image: Dsz2OLp]

just in case the attachment did not work. 

[b]New Feature[/b]

[b]Small buffs for a whole party from kills. [/b]

[b][Image: EoGH8p7][/b]

A second just in case

edit: sorry, but I could not figure out, how I could force the forum to insert full pics. So only links atm. 

(10-13-2016, 09:37 AM)Ray Wrote:
  1. Improved Design

    [Image: lPzcOUU.jpg]
  2. New Feature Design
[Image: 76tHR4b.jpg]
Hello, 1st post here Smile.

1. Improved design:

Add in opening pack window "open suggested card" part. It will decrease time to choose which card we want for get - for many players it will be one click instead of switching planets and monsters.
This option will require to add two things in option menu.
1) Which card will be suggesting to open. I see it that way: a) monster with minimum amount of cards in our collection b) with maximum amount of cards c) monster that will give us the best progress
2) Which monster can be suggested. Here is simpler: a) suggest only boss monsters b) suggest only non-boss monsters c) show all
Options 1a and 1c are similar but not the same. Lets take for example that we have 270 Succub cards, 290 Ifrit cards and any other monster will be above 1000. If pack will grant us 725 card of choosen monster, option '1a' will suggest Succub, but option option '1c' will suggest Ifrit (Succub hits only 500 milestone and Ifrit both: 500 and 1000 milestones so profit is better)

[Image: 144apy.png]

2. New Feature Design:
Go for camp with your pets!  You can go to your garden, make campfire and grill fish for your pets. You can do it once a day and you will have to sacrifice 75 000 fish parts, 50 000 wood and 25 000 stones (numbers are just example). This camp will grant You one of possible options:
1) meal was good - worked like eating 1 apple
2) meal was tasty - worked like eating 10 apples
3) meal was very tasty - worked like eating 100 apples
4) pet is full of stamina. He will deal random(1...7)*5% more damage in arena today
5) your cooking skills are really bad. You tried your best, but your pet feels sick after your meal - he will participate in arena with [10 - random(2...7) ]*10% of maximum hp today.
6) Fish food was spoiled. Your pet is in hospital today, cannot participate in arena.
7) Your pet are satiated. Every eaten apple today will work with +1 efficiency.
8) Your pet are very satiated. Every eaten apple today will work with +2 efficiency.
9) there can be more!
Effect is randomized for both pets separatelly. It can make some interesting situations in arena, for example effect for 1st pet was 5th option and for 2nd pet 4th option. If one of pets will win 6th option, then only second can go further in arena. If both pets will win 6th option, "quick-complete" option in arena will be blocked (if player went to camp before doing that).
At beginnig i was thinking to make 4th and 6th option wider - that it will also works on normal planets and challenges. If it won't be to hard to implement into mechanics, You can consider this.
There is also room for improvements that You can buy for diamonds.
a) deep fryer. - this will remove wood and stone prices for camping (you won't be making campfire) and exchange them for coins prices for camping (electricity bills). Its one-time upgrade, just like boats
b) cooking lessons - this will decrease chances for bad effects, also one-time upgrade
c) spices - increase chances for good effects. Repeatable to buy - just in the way how it works with fish whistle

[Image: 11h9nck.png]

[Image: 21ngqqv.png]

I am aware of my bad conditions of english - its not my prime language. I hope, all i wrote here will be understandable. If not, take my apologies for posting here.

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