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Suggestions List
  • Add filters to search window
  • Display queued player stats in search/queue window
  • Display min level setting in search/queue window
  • Minor reward for defeating completed duo/group challenges (helper's bonus)
  • Add option to pay diamonds to clear challenges
  • Don't allow players to leave challenges
  • Add challenge queue chat room
  • Add net statistics window after challenge completes
  • Display your personal progress for incomplete challenges (eg, 12/13) on Find Challenge window

Chat System
  • Add timestamp (toggle)
  • Add friends List
  • Add in-game message system
  • Add audible notice for new messages (discrete toggle outside of current sfx toggle)
  • Add channel/rooms specifically for challenges
  • Change (expand) chat window over main screen, rather than scaling (or movable/resizeable window)
  • Change chat window to be transparent
  • Change (improve) "NEW!" message indicators (unique per type of chat, full icon highlight, etc)

  • Display net buffs on stats window (total gold bonus, xp, etc.)
  • Add indicator for 2x card drop buff expiring (soon/expired)
  • Display total card count in card or stats window
  • Display all cards collected in some quickly viewed format
  • Add user name-change function
  • Change ascension point distribution to allow/require differentiation of builds (or parallelism of benefits)
  • Add 'highest zone accessible' value

  • Add NRG indicator to main screen
  • Add sell option: trade crystals for wood
  • Add mining upgrades (damage, etc)
  • Add classes/occupations with specific skills/benefits
  • Add chance for pet food from trees
  • Add sell option: trade crystals for randomized reward

  • Gameclock (12/24 hour toggle)
  • Add NRG values indicator on main screen
  • Change (simplify) battle number floats (too messy in large parties)
  • Change crit/double floats to be more distinctive
  • Add number delimiters to everything possible (toggle for comma, full stop, or space)
  • Cards window: Add "Zone:" before the "1 of 15" section to clarify it is not a card count/milestone
  • Reorder the sequence of icons from Game menu (wood & stone together)
  • Display different icon for users in challenges vs offline (swords vs zZz etc)
  • Add options for different stats per time, in lieu of damage per time
  • Add full screen option
  • Add extended interface option
  • Add option for AP expense confirmations
  • Add option to disable ability/level up window

Gameplay & Balance
  • Change to faster clicks (lower delay) for low levels (ie, brand new accounts)
  • Change respecs: weaker/less efficient
  • Add smaller increment purchases for NRG
  • Add new trophies
  • Add new (expedition) ship parts to upgrade
  • Add graphics for expedition ships
  • Add respec profiles
  • Remove respawn delay
  • Add activities with bonuses (further reward more active players)
  • Add classes/occupations with appropriate ability bonuses
  • Add mini-games (with rewards) that don't interfere with hunting (or card games)
  • Add new mini/micro payment transactions
  • Add cancel expedition function (with confirmation)
  • Add more (random) chances to get diamond loot (crafting, hunting, etc)
  • Make leveling faster
  • Make codes automatically enter and activate if logged in
  • Change gold rewards from codes to scale better (relative to other rewards)
  • Add (randomized) quests
  • Add gambling system (wishing well)

  • Display member stats, including ascension tier
  • Change: improve in-game communication (boards)
  • Add separate status message channel (split from chat channel)
  • Add specific messages explaining why guild members can't be joined (eg, party full, wrong tier, etc)
  • Change: allow increased party size for guild members
  • Display contribution stats
  • Add PvP (and stealing of stone)
  • Add guild boss/challenge battles
  • Add guild rename function
  • Add player protection from guilds recruiting members then kicking after stone donation
  • Add min/max settings for players joining via open guilds window
  • Add guild reputation system
  • Add more ways to increase guild size
  • Add guild leadership-only chat channel
  • Add new/larger section for messages from leaders
  • Add new guild buildings (cards, stone, etc)

Hunting & Parties
  • Display current hunting buffs (only highest level from party shown)
  • Display party member card counts for current zone
  • Display party stats
  • Add party indicator for zone clearance (change zone, player box, or "avatars" colors)
  • Change: clearer distinction between zone selector indicators (more impactive borders, etc)
  • Add zone locks (custom min/max zones allowed)
  • Add level locks (custom min/max character level allowed to join party)
  • Add kick authority, or vote system to kick online players
  • Add auto-progression and auto-regression (toggled)
  • Change: increase offline progression/bonuses
  • Change: save last selection (after closing) for Find Party window
  • Change: only allow party creator to change zones
  • Add boss with unlimited xp and limited timer; reward based on damage dealt
  • Add chance for gear or weapon loot
  • Add party invite (and reserved slots) function
  • Change: default planet selection to current/final planet in Find Party window
  • Add confirmation to leave party function
  • Change: replace reused creature graphics
  • Add new boss/treasure spawns rewards (xp, chance to drop a non-gold currency, bonus card drop bonus, etc)
  • Add settings to autokick offline members after x number of minutes
  • Change: disallow anyone from joining parties above his/her highest zone

  • Pet skins
  • Stronger pet upgrades (PP Shop)
  • Branching evolutions, or other type strategic mods
  • PvP
  • Rare chance for pet food from woodcutting
  • Add crits/2x attacks in arena
  • Add more training options for pets
  • New pet system (differentiation, eggs, etc)

Tickets & Support
  • Add player-side close ticket function
  • Add notification after ticket has been updated

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