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v0.49 Epsilon Patchnotes
Today's 5 pm patch...

Bonus Event until Monthly Event release! 
 -ADD: Promote/Demote options in guild, including leadership transfers via promotions
 -ADD: Leaders offline for 14 days will now automatically transfer leadership
 -ADD: Quick tip in mining window if not in a guild regarding stone
 -ADD: Ability to search for specific open party
 -ADD: Improved challenge listing system with host names and sorted listings
 -ADD: Confirmations on demotions & promotions within guilds
 -ADD: New rare chances for much higher modifiers on Rando codes
 -FIX: Special characters supported again
 -FIX: Stone selling mishaps
 -FIX: Difficulty status updates not switching correctly in parties
 -FIX: Upgrade caps should auto increase on inferno levelup without requiring a relog now
 -VISUAL: Awful / Bad text should now blend a slight bit better
 -VISUAL: Timefreeze should no longer jump significantly after timefreeze ends
 -VISUAL: Completely new shop window
 -BALANCE: 2k Stone padding when joining guilds (NOT retroactive)

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