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v0.20b Patchnotes
v0.20b - Jan 25, 2015
  •  -ADD: New Party Find System!
  •  -ADD: Trophy Upgrades! 10 of them!
  •  -ADD: New options window!
  •  -ADD: Option to disable treasure spawns
  •  -ADD: Mouseover tip on XP bar to show current / next
  •  -FIX: Region chat will now auto clear old text as it grows far too much
  •  -FIX: Issue with battle window remaining squished after guild window opened
  •  -FIX: Guild Kicks should now update the memberlist without a relog
  •  -FIX: Support button in the Diamond window is now functional
  •  -FIX: Bug allowing multiple expedition complete tips
  •  -FIX: After a member leaves a party, the client should no longer think you're still in one
  •  -BALANCE: Bosses HP reduced by 20%, and Boss Timers extended by 20%
  •  -BALANCE: Increased kill requirements on the 5th planet slightly
  •  -BALANCE: Cooldown increased on abilities.
  •  -VISUAL: Moved woodcutting sell button as it was blocking forests
  •  -VISUAL: Extended the goofy sized scrollbar for the new chat rooms
  •  -VISUAL: New square chat button for easier touch support

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