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Would it be possible to allow other click upgrades to influence the splat ability? Double splats or crit splats, or the dreaded double crit splat!

Relatedly, I don't believe that splat damage counts toward the high damage trophy
Click upgrades will probably never affect splat, however more upgrades are coming soon. I have trophy upgrades that are intended to 'speed' up cooldowns, and Ascension upgrades intended to give you great choices to boost specific aspects of the game considerably.

Since upgrading abilities starts to become extremely small for how much is boosted, you'll see ability upgrades that upgrade your ability (Sorry, I had to).

I would love to expand on abilities a lot right away, but I need some time to get some other priorities out. 

Some random thoughts i've had are:

Splat Cannon - Splat after-effects dealing multiple blows at a fraction of the originating splat damage in quick succession of use
Frostbite - Damage over time while freeze is in effect
Damage Boost - Diminishing extra bonus % (if boost is 40%, add another 40% that decays throughout effect length)
Speed Boost - Diminishing extra bonus % (if boost is 40%, add another 40% that decays throughout effect length)

And similar effects for critical chance/multiplier.

Eventually i'll also be looking at new abilities, however that will require an ability slot/equip system, so that will not be for a little while longer.
i think splat should be = auto damage + click damage
cause some of the players dont do click much so all they DPS focus con auto and the current splat is just for click so it make the skill like useless for auto players
and i like the suggestion of the combo skill like Freeze + damage boost = frostbite

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