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SHIFT party window
I'll be implementing SHIFT key to open up a party panel. This window will include some features, such as kicking a player out of your hosting room, leaving the party you're in to return to solo hunting, and more.

What would YOU like to see included in this window, pertaining to PARTY interactions and information on party members.

Please note, I can't include an insane amount as there will be support for up to 6+ members in party play later; and 40+ in guild battles later.
Party Chat
Party Leader (with Changing the Leader)
Leader Inv Only / All can Invite Toogle/Switch
Kick Player (Button behind each Member or a Field to Type the Name in, ofc Leader only)
Search for Player between Level x - x

Party DPS
Party DPS (Idle)
Party Pet DPS

Dps, dps, dps is all I care about, maybe gold rate (I still haven't figured out how it works in parties). Yeah, lvl seems to not mean anything, since a lvl 35 can join your party and be worse off for everyone than a lvl 25. I'd like to know the parties members dps. that's about it. Maybe a lock or memory of the stage you were on, so you can return to the one you were on before the party. Always annoying to go through the effort of find the best gps and to return after idle for a while and find yourself in a random zone.
it would be nice to know what hunting skill levels are in effect, such as
hp reduction
gold rate
treasure hunter
huge loots
easy loots.
DPS, Pet DPS and World/Zone progression. It would be very good to know how many monsters the partner still need to kill before advancing one more zone, at least in 2 member parties. Something like "Max World: Eta - 6 (35/50)".

Party chat is already available through other ways, so I don't see why one more. I agree with rpander about levels. Kick player... Only in >2 parties. And I don't see why to do it, anyway... Well, maybe with the guild/6 member parties it would be needed.

Hunting skills in effect would be cool. Smile
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A button that opens up to reveal their skills levels would be nice. Also whether they have treasure spawns enabled or not. Perhaps the party leader can switch this on/off to override the normal option?
An option that alow host to block party in one stage (no one can move the party) who want can select this option, who don't like to play where host want to play can leave the party
^ I second this. Locking in levels.
I actually would very much oppose locking the level for a couple reasons:
1. Hard to tell who the "Host" actually is.
2. You may not like where the host put you, but the other 1/2 people are really good... but also AFK
3. Host has you locked at a high level, everything is great, until your 3rd guy drops from the party. Now you can't beat the place or move.
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