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Activity Points
One activity point should be given per hour of play to stop players getting stuck.
Being active gives the claim boxes with diamonds and activity points. Activity points as they are, are worth 5 diamonds (Between 3 and 5 cents if you compared to the value of diamonds from a purchase).

This is also now covered by defeating zones. Obviously the game can be labeled p2w since you 'can' progress more quickly by spending, but in reality this is definitely a very generous game in terms of giving the currency for free. When I design these things I imagined my younger days, when I was maybe 11 to 13 without a way to buy things in games I enjoyed (and even if I did, you basically needed to send a money order and wait 2-3 weeks) and specifically what would keep me satisfied enough to enjoy the game without having to spend.

I'm comfortable with the pace of AP and Diamond give-outs, while not so much with pet food. This will change with more systems over time though.

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