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IOU upgrades calculator
How's v5 coming along? I've been mucking about with this spreadsheet for a couple of days. The raw damage calculation is slightly off. I found it easier to just enter your base damage and then I modified the formula for the damage upgrade.

The treasure hunter upgrade seems to be vastly over-valued. My napkin calculations say treasure spawns give you an average of 4.64 times more GPS. They give you about 18.5x more gold, but take about 4x longer to kill (depending on easy loot vs hp reduction). There was a thread on treasure spawns somewhere here. The formula actually depends on coin, that 4.64 was for 5 coin. .6 * (6 + coin/2) * 3 + .298 * (11 + coin/2) *5 + .1 * (25 + coin/2) * 10 + .002 * (49 + coin/2) * 20 In each term there, the first number is the chance, the second is the average number of coins, the third is the value multiplier. According to huge loots has no effect, so the value of treasures should be brought down a bit because they don't scale with gold rate. That whole thing should be divided by 1 + coin/2 which is the base gps, and 4 because the treasures have 4x the hp.

Also, the importance of hp reduction should be slightly lower based on the the fact that it doesn't lower treasure hp, so it only affects ~96% of the HP. or (99 - treasure)/103
Huge loot works now, at least the last time I've checked.
(08-07-2015, 02:43 AM)Analog Wrote: Huge loot works now, at least the last time I've checked.

Thanks, Analog. You're right, huge loots does work now.

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