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v0.30g Patchnotes
  • -ADD: Sound/Music settings should now save locally
  • -ADD: Trophy cap increased to 50
  • -ADD: Max Forest Zone increased to 14
  • -ADD: Expedition cap increased to 8
  • -ADD: Auto-reconnect system
  • -FIX: Improved open player listing system to update more quickly if a user leaves their instance
  • -FIX: 'New' notification on party chat should disappear after a disband
  • -FIX: Resolved insufficient AP message showing gold costs
  • -FIX: Group challenges will now start after 10 seconds, even if players decide to leave just moments before
  • -BALANCE: Players will now only be brought back 1 zone at a time
  • -BALANCE: Players will not be brought back a zone due to chests
  • -VISUAL: A simple glow effect will occur on the attack button when the 10% Idle damage boost is active
  • -VISUAL: Damage text now scrolls with velocity

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