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Another Attempt: Support and Lineage
I'm sure this discussion has come up before, but I think with Unity coming "soon" it might be fruitful to try again:

A potential rehaul for Support and Lineage.

Two new currencies, reset-able every 24 hours by one level:  SP and LP, for support points and lineage points, respectively.

Each currency has its own set of available bonuses, with extremely low max levels.

For example:  Under the Support category, you would find --
XP:  2%, max level 5, for 10% total
Gold: 5%, max level 5, for 25% total
Idle DMG: 2%, max level 5
Daily Card Tier:  +1, max level 1 (this is a no-brainer, it's tough when you're locked from the next daily card tier, especially for folks struggling in the jump from support tier 10 to 15, and even 5 to 10)
Weekly Card Count:  +1, max level 2 (amount of card packs, not tier level)
Monthly Card Count:  +1, max level 3
Inferno Scaler:  +0.01, max level 5 (somewhere in the formula for levels, your dmg bonus uses a low exponential value, something like ^ 1.12 or around there.  This would be a neat way to increase that.

Lineage would have some overlap, but also some unique bonuses.  I'm gonna cut myself short on listing too many because then the focus becomes too much on balancing the individual bonuses instead of the broader idea in question here.

Support and Lineage have both been around a while, but they sure could use a tune-up!  As far as the quantity of points you get per level, and the cost per upgrade, that's of course up for actual balancing and testing.  This is more about making these a more sustainable and fleshed out feature.  And encourage players to both spend for support and stick around for lineage!  Yay!

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