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Beast Alternative
We still don't know what Beast really ever intended to become, or if it will ever actually exist, so I'm proposing an alternative to it:

In a lot of those chinese flash games that want all of your money and more, they have a building/zone in the guild that allows you to summon a boss monster for guildmates to wail on.  I'd like to see this feature (done well) in IOU, too!

How it could work:

Three different boss summons:  24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.  Each one is resummoned when their respective timer expires.  If a boss is defeated before the timer runs out, then when the timer ends, a higher level is summoned.  This would tie in with the wishing well:  The level of your guild's wishing well determines the highest level boss that can be summoned.  Replace all the +x% beast damage guild bonuses with +x% wishing well instead.  The original wishing well bonuses would still exist, this is a secondary feature.  Also, defeating these bosses would also give bonuses towards wishing well levels, since we are never going to get the diamond-donation wishing well, this would be a great way to get more levels for it.

Anyway, as far as defeating the bosses and damage necessary, they could probably scale similarly to normal challenges just ramped up to 11.  That way even the most powerful guilds will find it impossible to beat every available boss.  I know this is vague for now, but I have no intention of bringing numbers in here without interest/approval in the system in the first place, I tend to get too carried away and then the discussion gets lost in numberwang instead of ideasmithery.

If your guild fails to defeat a boss when the timer expires, the next one summoned will be 5 levels lower, again paralleling the wishing well where if you don't upgrade the well when the timer expires then it downgrades 5 levels.  So, you'll want to support your guildmates to raise their dps appropriately to help defeat these bosses!

How does the combat work?  Well, just like a normal battle, except it's happening without you actually being there.  Yep, all you have to do is exist, not even be online.  The only active requirement will be to click a button "register to fight for boss summons?" when you first join a guild.

Note:  You cannot help fight if you haven't been in a guild for at least 7 days, and also cannot help until the timer for each boss resets.  Because of the nature of stone/ship pushes, this may be a bit of an issue but hey, you'll get back to boss slaying soon enough!  The levels of each boss are going to rise slowly over time anyway, so as long as you've got a couple dps-slaves hanging back while others push, things will be fine.

Rewards:  Wishing Well levels/bonuses, gold bonuses/boosts, maybe crafting materials once pet runes are a thing.  Fun side stuff!

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