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Wishing Well Mk. II (again?!)
Well it's back again, that's right it's time to come up with a replacement for diamond wishing well!!!  *applause please*

Anyway the idea is simple:  Instead of diamond wishing well, you get bonfire.  Same effect as wishing well, but it uses logs and gold logs.  Log is worth 1 point, gold log is worth 1000 points.  Leveling 1 bonfire costs 500,000 points, level 10 costs 10 million, level 100 costs 5 billion, etc etc.  I have no idea what a good curve would be, but if you want to encourage late-game woodlyness maybe it shouldn't be TOO harsh.

Late-game woodlyness would be a great way to encourage slightly diversifying our builds.

Oh and it could function exactly like wishing well does, in that it has a timer that when it hits 0 it lowers bonfire 5 levels, so you have to upgrade it to add 7 days to the timer.  Just for simplicity sake!

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