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[EVENT] IOU: Pocket Edition
Ok so, I was bored and doing some spriting and I had an idea for an event. (None of this is anywhere near set in stone, in the slightest.)

So, for the event I'm thinking, you click the usual event button, and you get loaded up to a screen with an old gameboy layout, with IOU: Pocket Edition displayed.

The way this works is by having a completely nostalgic gameboy theme worked out, I have a couple of example sprites here(Which I would be more than happy to make more of):

[Image: LAgS4po.png][Image: cQPaEqs.png][Image: EE1pF8H.png]

You have five option menus: Adventure, Challenge, Upgrade, Shop and Exit.


This would bring you to your main event, you fight through every enemy from the main game each giving you different rewards (or some none and milestones being so many, that part is your decision).


Same as adventure but with the creatures from challenge mode, I would consider this to be the hard mode, starting easy but getting much more difficult,


This is where you would assign points(one per enemy defeated) into either ATK, DEF or SPD for your personal creature.


This would be where you purchase health items, and possibly event packs depending ho you choose pass on rewards.

Exit speaks for itself.

There are a couple of things missing, obviously, during battle you would have four options, Attack, Defend, Heal, or Leave. All based on the stats you have assigned and the healing items you have purchased/obtained during the event.


A lot of people complain about events finishing to soon. Being that the event is based on pokemon(from my perspective), Why not add a PVP mode to the end, so your creature can fight against an opponent, and at the end of the event, or day, or whatever, there is an elite four, who, as the top four players of the event, gain a card pack or something? Its not too competitive that a lot of people lose out, but this way a couple of people who put in hours of effort get to win a bit of a bonus?

This is my idea anyway, i hope you like it Big Grin
I think it sounds like a fun idea and I would love to play it!
Very nice work on the sprites so far.
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