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Guild Boss or something?
Hey ho...

What would you say about something to give the guild a interaction between each others, a fight together.
In the Game Hero Clicker, there is a Guild boss, the System is.. not so good, but its a nice try.
In the Game "Wartune", you can go with your guild into a special Dungeon, maybe something like this?

Just to give the guild a fight for the complete team. I know the Guild will have not always all players online, everyone have his own time to play; sometimes also based on timezones.
But maybe you can create something to give the guild a little thing.

Or maybe a Guild War?

I dont know it... time for some brainstorming Wink
This sounds very similar to Guild Beasts. It was in the works but postponed for other tie-ins.

Stay tuned
would like both the guild boss and the WORLD boss

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