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Dev Diary 33 - November - Talk & Feedback
Ray you want, that more people use the forum but you disable the option to make a reply on the dev blogs <_<

I normally dont like Unity, because I have to download a extra software... but I don't know why, I can use your Unity Version in Chrome without installing anything O_o

Armorgames support some Unity Games, so I can stay on Armorgames?

I did register 2 Accounts, on your new Unity game, but it always say incorrect Password.... I am confused Sad

Quote:For 30 days, Every day you receive:
-100 Diamonds
-10 Food
-1 Dynamite

I would make 25-50Food and 5 Dynamite.
The Diamonds seems ok.
And also 5-10AP

The actual daily login is ... pretty boring. Could it not be more like this:
[Image: uMiKYCh.jpg]
With a little reward every day for 30days.

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