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v0.96.90 Patchnotes
v0.96.90 - Sept 27, 2017
-ADD: New audio options in settings
 -FIX: Resolved an issue where the fishing window would abruptly open when teammates started or stopped fishing
 -FIX: Attempted to resolve some sporadic midnight rollover issues for users
 -FIX: Scaling issue on monsters when they were killed, sometimes causing their size to flicker/fluctuate
 -FIX: Resolved an issue where cards dropped could be less than 2 for players being carried that had the card boost enabled
 -BALANCE: Series has been rebalanced and compressed into 1/10th the required effort. Difficulty / progress is similar, but you no longer progress every 10th & 50th zone. Now you progress every 1 & 5th zone.
 -VISUAL: New Challenge Graphics for Tribal Smash
 -VISUAL: New Challenge Graphics for Ugh a Thug
 -VISUAL: New Challenge Graphics for Werethings

-New trophy upgrades/balancing will begin on the test server tomorrow/friday. 

-Bingo has a couple issues for Jay to rectify and we should be good on that front finally.

-With the upcoming bingo release, we'll have the first piece of the new tutorial/guide window system. This will be expanded upon for all new features and we will start integrating it with older features as well.

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