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v0.96.85 Patchnotes
v0.96.85 - Sept 6, 2017
-ADD: New large JSON character data export command: /export
 -BALANCE: Wishing Well now adds +7 days per enhance, to a maximum of 10 days
 -BALANCE: Base Gold has been significantly increased on lower level monsters, affecting monsters up to level ~5000
 -BALANCE: Base Damage has been increased for levels between 1-200
 -BALANCE: Carrying will now only yield a ratio of experience, gold, and cards depending on the player's auto damage DPS compared to yours. A '/cmd nerfrate' console command is available to get further details if affected
 -BALANCE: Event - Players now start with 25 valor instead of 50
 -BALANCE: Event - Daily reset will give +10 instead of setting to 50
 -BALANCE: Event - Max Valor is 50 (You can stack +10 a few times)
 -BALANCE: Event - You will now get 5x higher Unit Pts rewards 
 -BALANCE: Event - The speed modifier should now affect their spawn/movement speeds appropriately instead of giving the delay advantage
 -BALANCE: Event - Monster HP drastically reduced for repeats
 -VISUAL: Invasion - You can now see damage against monsters if you have quality set above 'Awful'
 -VISUAL: Invasion - You can now click on a monster to toggle HP display

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