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Great Idea [FARMS]


Heart Implement friends system to be able to interact with the farms. Heart
Exclamation Each farm will have 15 spaces to plant Exclamation 
Big Grin Seeds of wood, stone, gold, experience, food in first instance will be sold up to level 1000 Big Grin 
Cool Legendary  levels can have diamonds, card packs,AP,matter expedition points, matter, crystals Cool

Angel This idea  improve the users interact, and  the game gain activity Angel

Farming has been suggested for a while. I think it could be an interesting addition if done right but it's a hard sell and not something that would tie into the game very well until other new content/additions are added.

The idea of having various seed rarities, herbs/fruit....something that could affect pets in some way within the arena might be pretty cool.

Right now I don't see it in the near future though.

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