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v0.95.15 Patchnotes
v0.95.15 - May 23, 2017
Gold/XP bonuses replaced with Wood/Stone bonuses
Back-end Database migration
-ADD: New building stone reset system
 -FIX: Issue preventing room syncronizing when brought to incorrect rooms
 -FIX: Issue preventing PvP ranking up for players of lower ranks
 -FIX: Sorting members by name should sort A-Z/Z-A regardless of upper/lower case
 -FIX: No more 'add' / 'remove' messages in guild investments when a player joins or leaves the guild
 -FIX: Bug with mouse events in the guild window not always being removed when the window was closed/destroyed
 -FIX: The card pack window should no longer randomly break when a card pack is opened

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