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3 suggestions
1- There should be different sound options to disable / enable sounds like : when pet training is available ,  woodcuting / mining are full energy and when someone joins the challenge queue in a group etc.

2- Changing the arena rewards , with the current rewards the players who arent receiving anything its like imposible to catch those who do because they keep geting more and more stronger , i think it should be better to give AP , Diamonds , Nets , Gold or maybe porcentage of fuel to top ranks :O

3- Be able to have different setups in which the players can decide what to put in there like:
      *Put Ascension points / Trophies for challenges
      *Put Ascension points / Trophies for idlemode
      *Put Ascension points / Trophies for woodcut and pet training 
All of this by clicking buttons to do the changes.

edit : It would be nice to give more experience in AT 0 ,1 ,2 for all those new players
*make Brainfester eat ice cream instead of apples
1: most people set timers for pets if they want to be that optimal. Wood/mine slowly become less needed the higher you get your nrg cap, but some people use timers anyway. I agree with challenge queue.

2. I'm going to guess you mean pvp if so, then you would have the top ranks trying to get to the bottom because they don't like those rewards. Like diamonds become pretty useless for top ranks. AP is slightly more useful. Nets is pretty useless. Gold is pretty useless unless it gives a huge amount (like 1Q+). Fuel depends, but need to be quite a bit of fuel for it to be worth.

3. The resets are suppose to cost, but one day they were removed due to something wrong with it. The price never got re added. Once revamps happens for ascension and trophies they will cost ap to reset.

4. Exp would be useless if you can't kill anything. Also with guild revamp early ascensions might not be so hard.
Dear developers, adds please the two toggles Show/Hide information to Damage and Show/Hide information to Gold. When there are many coins or damage information (in group), then on old computers slows down.

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