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v0.94.76 Patchnotes
v0.94.75 - Mar 31, 2017
Mafia Event Ends
Global Warming Event Begins by 11am, March 31st
-ADD: You can now select up to as many offers as you can possibly buy in the offer window 
-ADD: You can now purchase several more weeks of card drop bonus 
 -FIX: Rounding issues in ship arena upgrades
 -FIX: Error caused by the server sending an update of fishing information prior to a player being fully loaded into the game
 -FIX: The experience bar inside the upgrades window should now update properly
 -FIX: PvP scoring issue for players new to PvP being able to jump ranks
 -FIX: Several major optimizations on room processing, including network prioritization changes to hopefully reduce average pings for non-north-american users
 -FIX: R2 Auto-reconnect should be fixed/improved
 -FIX: The diamond inside the charge button of expeditions should no longer interfere with click scan on the button behind it
 -FIX: Bug that could cause some timers to go negative if the awaiting time was too long
 -FIX: Backend authentication made far more scalable. Authentication into the game on average should be quicker
 -BALANCE: Skipping PvP attempts will now only sacrifice up to 5 attempts at a time 
 -BALANCE: If you regen PvP Attempts beyond 20, you'll be automatically awarded skip rewards 
 -VISUAL: Hover text notifications will now occur when someone joins your challenge queue

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