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v0.94.25 Patchnotes
-ADD: 5 New Fishing Rods, Lines, Tackle & Baits tiers (Tier 11-15)
-ADD: 12 New Fish Rarities (60 total)
-FIX: Massive delay after selecting a name on name create
-FIX: Bug causing your Ship Arena leaderboard rank to jump after updating your ship
-FIX: Timer resolved to auto claim leaderboard rewards instead of having to manually trigger the event
-FIX: Leaderboard Timer should correctly show countdown for Sunday @ Midnight
-FIX: Mafia Event Rewards & Claim/Energy crediting from offline times
-FIX: Mafia energy regeneration bug that would allow retroactive regeneration if you sat at cap energy
-FIX: EP should show properly as reward on final mafia boss if under threshold (Wasn't showing for some players)
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