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Expedition system art WIP
Hello IOU fellowship!

             Just dropping by to show some art work-in-progress for the new expedition system. I spent the entire week creating assets (and putting a bunch of them to the garbage meanwhile), trying to capture what this system should look like, the ambiance player would feel browsing through buildings and upgrades.
           It was quite difficult trying to fit the art-house style, or what their work on such a part of the game would look like, being given the fact i used to draw with big black strokes (even for backgrounds), and that they rather use stroke-free shape and gradients, but i think it's finally leading to something good.

         In first place i made a concept sketch that looked like the layout2 you can see below, with buildings standing on floating islands with a central node, then i thought it would be nice if the space station would actually be on a deserted planet, something that looked like the moon, having this calm, hermetic and secluded landscape. Then finally we came back to the first version with the islands.

 Sorry for the small images you have to click on, will do this differently next time, i am just currently too sleepy to upload them correctly and play with those blog options.



     The central node would probably bee a small township instead of a kind of blue photon like reactor, the 3 other building currently not defined would just be shape with an 'under construction' banner or sign over them. Anyways, still some details to add in those , and LOT of stuff to create for this system. I'll try to write back in this blog next week with new assets and WIP to show.

                                    Thanks to all for the support, i need some sleep!

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