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v0.86b Patchnotes
v0.86b - Oct 18, 2016
-ADD: Future survey items now have the ability to have hover-over tips
-FIX: Surveys should no longer send in challenges
-FIX: Guild invites now expire in 72 hours, NOT 72 minutes..
-FIX: Fixed tool for calling reinstances on guild rooms by CM's
-FIX: Event window should now close when you get disconnected
-FIX: Event - Battles should no longer end if you take lethal damage on the first turn
-FIX: Event - You can no longer walk over a monster that one hits you
-FIX: Event - Chests that were opened without killing the guarding boss have been reversed
-FIX: Event pack tip should no longer act quirky after 2 pack purchases
-VISUAL: Text: Learn changed to Unlock
-VISUAL: Visual identifier for low level players who cannot use the world chat
-VISUAL: Coin drops no longer hide behind the enemy
-VISUAL: Log Gains icon fixed
-VISUAL: Event - You should now be able to see the killing animation when you lose
-BALANCE: Card Pack Claims now have a LENIENCY of 12 hours
-BALANCE: Event - Misses should occur a lot less (min miss rate is now 25%, base is 80%)
-BALANCE: Event - Misses no longer cost MP
-BALANCE: Event - Bosses levels have been reduced
-BALANCE: Event - Damage of all monsters reduced on easy
-BALANCE: Event - Exp increased from kills by 15%
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