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New player buff
My idea was to give new players something like 1 month 100% xp bonus so they would feel love and let them catch up a bit to higher lvls (not possible to catch top 100 anyway)

There is many alts on At0-3 that helps you can ask for help on kong chat or discord i am sure someone will help if needed if not you can always pm me and i will find someone ^^
But still when you hit lvl 300 its super slow and players easily want to quit some high lvl players progress faster even with more xp needed per lvl than players lvl 300 so if what i mentioned earlier would be added then new players could progress more and learn more about game without quitting early ^^
I think this is a great idea, I think more players will sign up knowing that they can potentially catch up a little bit and don't feel discouraged from the long term players. As well as a one month timer there should be a level cap at which you don't get any extra xp to avoid a new player spending a ton of money to powerlevel and the other people who have previously spent money would lose value.
Community helper
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even with power lvl you need over 1 month to get lvl 500 doubt it that any top player would boost someone for that long
with every update ray does to the game, the grind for new players is made easier through x levels then it was for older.

It may seem bad, but all told: The older players really the ones that deserve the xp boosts Tongue


buuuut ya =\
we need newbz.
Honestly we should make it take longer for new players to get to at3. After new people get to at3 some get bored and leave.

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