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Support Testimony: In game PMs
The purpose of this thread is not to make a suggestion; but to offer my support for one I saw already made.
The best way to do that is testify, subjectively, from my own experience.

I apologize in advance if this makes me seem egotistical or conceited. Or like I'm the only one I'm thinking about.


As a FB-player, Kong whispers aren't readily available. Personally, I open up a alt on kong to send very important whispers when necessary; But, it is a hassle. An exceptional hassle, because for whatever reason Kong seems to freeze and crash my browser and make it lag like crazy. It's practically unusable. As a guild leader of a Top 5 guild that desperately needs to connect with top player recruits, this is an issue. It is an issue, because out of the 7000+ players of this game 50 (at best) use the chat discord regularly; and 3 (? lmao) use the forums regularly. In-game chat may as well not exist. If it were replaced entirely with just a mailbox you could send emails with I would be very happy and consider it a huge step forward for the game.

I understand this is a little harder to implement then most suggestions.

That's why I felt it important to offer my support testimony.

Thank you for your time in reading.

All the best Wishes,
~Rage, The Immortal, Kai

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