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Offline gains
since as of now we have offline gains for exp and gold and ghosting to allow the party members to still farm properly even with a member offline. 

Can it be possible for ghosting to affect card gains as well? For example as of now when we're offline we get exp and gold but no cards but perhaps this can be changed by allowing card gains even when the player is offline. 

a time limit can be set to around 6-24 hours depending on the current tier that the player is on. I understand that by implementing such a thing, the servers will essentially be a ghost town due to players only coming on for a few minutes every few hours or so but the fact that IOU requires the player to be on 24/7 to have maximum gain is perhaps a little overboard. perhaps this idea can be tweaked in a way where the players will still remain online but not 24/7 for max gains.
1. offline gains is broken atm not working for most players
2. ghosting is limited to 14h only
3. online needs to be superior than offline so no cards
No cards means mobile players if he plans to have them might as well forget the game existed, there no way to keep up with the high end of the game without the cards and you surely can't expect them to leave it on.

It's not like they can ghost then be gone a week if ghosting only works so long, otherwise then I can understand having a problem with it.
would be good if full ghosting can be done for at least 6-8 hours daily.

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