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Invasion Event Changes
Okay, why the hell did you nerf us on literally the worst event you've released? Time for a redo, Ray.

- Pyro nerf: Seriously? Why? I get he gets powerful late, but with his positioning and range disadvantages he really needs that damage to keep up. If he doesn't have damage, he's the worst unit- a meatshield with no stopping power in an event all about stopping things fast.

- Valor: The fuck did you do. Seriously, why did you think removing valorless grinding was a good idea? You're screwing over the scripters sure, but at the cost of making it a living hell for everyone else who takes the extra time to get the unit points they need. There are better antiscripting measures to stop those guys you know (Captchas, randomly placed popup boxes for human checks, sudden typing test, hell even something simple as making an extra upgrade every 10 valorless levels or so that's placed in a different spot every time that takes away half your unit damage would be a good way to stop them.)

- Event tediousness: Hoo boy, it's actually worse then before due to the extra nerfs. A fast forward button on valor using levels would be nice, especially on later ones where it starts taking minutes at a time to beat. Could choose between that and click for the grinding, just to stop you from having to take so dang long constantly redoing the levels you've already beaten. Take it away for valorless grinding and you'd still have the antigrind mentality that comes with a 90% decrease in point gains while still having roughly the same effect on the valor levels, just having them not take so long. Seriously, this event got boring as shit last time, and you making it take longer isn't making me want to play it.

- RNG Hell: This is put in specifically for the people who argue the whole thing is 'Strategy' when you get screwed over by RNG more often then not. It isn't fun to sit through the same level 50 times trying to beat it once, quit saying that it's strategy and start calling it what it actually is: Scumming the level until you actually have a SHOT at it. I wouldn't mind this so much if you hadn't taken away valorless grinding, since that was everybody's bread and butter for taking on some of the more dickish levels, where strategy goes out the window and you need upgrades more then anything. Either we need an alternative form of getting valor, an alternative form of getting unit points, or we need levels that aren't throwing 5 mobs you can barely kill one of before they rip your Pyro's face off in a row. Set levels would be boring, but this event always has a tendency to go way too far the other way, and make your life a living hell if you don't take the time to grind without valor or you don't get supremely lucky immediately/scum 50+ times to beat a level once.

The whole point of an event is to give someone to do that is FUN, to keep them invested in the game. This event, before and especially now, is the antithesis of that. It becomes a boring grind, it's going to be even worse this time around if things stay how they are right now, and quite honestly with how unbalanced the events are it makes me want to stop playing for good. Events used to be a fun thing that you could do once in a while for extra rewards, but as of late they've been leaning more and more towards 'Optimize or get out', 'If you aren't on at certain times you're screwed', or just the general 'Hey this isn't fun but play it anyways if you want to have anything.' What's the point of having them if they're going to make you have less fun, when a change is supposed to keep you AWAY from the idling fatigue? That's my problem with the events lately in general, it's getting to that point where I'm not having fun with them anymore, the rewards don't seem special anymore, and they're more actively contributing to the idle fatigue. Maybe it's the rereleased events, maybe it's the unbalanced as hell changes, maybe it's the constant arguments on why they're better or worse, but all of it is making me sick of the game and wanting to stop playing. It's just not fun anymore when me and many others are constantly arguing with eachother over balance changes, how good or bad events are, or just why things should or shouldn't have happened in general. Sure it gives me something to do, but I've been losing investment in the game fast lately and the crappy rerelease is probably going to put the nail in that coffin unless something changes.
Well if we gonna be talking about changes, the 2 things Ray could of done would've removed grinding straight out no problem.

1. still get unit pts during the current stage even AFTER a loss, in the rate of what you would've gotten if won the stage after a 1st win bonus. (before someone says this can be abused, there is no more valorless runs and getting first win bonuses doesn't really make the stage you just beat farmable even then)

2. Only summon the fixed "boss" mobs AFTER everything else is dead, the problem still remains that sometimes you can get a boss like enemy that tanks for them right before the boss itself and creates RNG nonsense of re-doing till that perfect setup. Least if you can't beat it after it shows in this way, you know you need to grind a bit.
How about just making us able to 'skip' levels we already beat? Ie, trade valor for points depending on the last level beaten.

That would remove the boring grinding part and still keep players busy for a few minutes for the 25 (+hard) levels.

I'm pretty sure most players on an idle game don't want an event as time consuming as this one (and if this repeats the last invasion event, we know it'll only get worse near the end).

Another option, probably easier to change, is to reduce the daily valor and increase the points obtained. Pretty much the same as what happened with mining/woodcutting NRG.

edit: after fixing the refresh bug, obviously
well to kill the grind time, my suggestion would be to X2 all the speed; so units shoot faster, monsters drop in and move faster, click charges faster. it would half the time for each lvl.

I do like how you only have the set amount of valor so you don't have to farm all day long, i don't like how that valor is capped at 50 should be 100, so if you miss a day your okay, but miss 2 and you lose 50 valor duo to cap.

and yes everyone is sad that the lowest ranged unit (Pyro) was nerfed, also what happened to the grenader's AOE ability?

edit and yes the RNG has been buffed this time, last time the RNG was set for for each lvl but this time it gets hard as you upgrade, but to a max for each lvl.
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allow access to event while fishing

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