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Challenge Que notification
There needs to be some way to notify the host of the challenge to hit the force start button. From the many many group challenges I've joined that never started, it seems that a lot of people don't understand what the force start button does or maybe they don't understand that someone strong enough to solo the group challenge has joined their que. Some way to say to them "Start the challenge, my damage will cover it" would be nice.
I'm not sure I agree with force start only being accessible to the person who is hosting the challenge.

I can understand a certain reasoning for it: prevent others from trolling the challenge host by starting and then abandoning challenges. I don't know if this is actually something people would do, but if that's your concern it's understandable.

Force start really only exists to benefit carries, right? In that case, the majority of the time a force start might benefit someone, it probably won't get used. New players (the ones this feature is meant to benefit) probably won't know it exists. And higher level players (the ones hoping to use this feature) will probably become increasingly frustrated when they're sitting at 2/6 and unable to force start the challenge.

If trolling is your concern, I'm sure there are ways to prevent it. Ultimately, if need be, you can just revert it back to what it is now. But I would say at least try allowing anyone in the party to force start and see how the community handles it.

You could also add a checkbox (default set to yes) that would allow the host to decide if anyone can force start their challenge.


Baring that, I agree with Srw's suggestion.

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