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Fish Minimum needs to adjust as Rod Level increases
As the title suggests, the minimum fish that appears in the pond needs to change at the same, or similar, rate of the Rod Level Upgrade.

With Rod Level 5, I'm still seeing Big Berthas (however occasionally) and Parrot Fish and Headbiters much more, relatively, frequently. As one's Rod Level increases, the need for bigger and more rare fish rises accordingly; and the tier 1 fish quickly become a nuisance. A higher min-rarity is a necessity for elevated pearl requirements. While at Rod Level 4, my minimum was set to 12, and I was able to acquire fish at, or around, every 20-30 minutes. Upon acquisition of Rod Level 5, I opted to increase minimum rarity (13-14) to accommodate the increased rarity, but my minutes/fish dropped to 40+ min. I can only imagine this becoming more and more problematic at Rod Level 6 and beyond.

I propose removing 1 - 2 (preferably and user-optionally) of the lowest rarity fish per Rod Upgrade.  Perhaps the first few Rod Upgrades could remove 1 rarity of fish, and the next few could remove 2.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. I encourage others to weigh in to offer insight, data or dissenting opinions.
As some of the Discord General chat suggested, and at further consideration after posting this, it did occur to me, and others, that the removal of lower tiered fish should coincide with rising Tackle Levels. Especially considering auto-fishing, with the minimum rarity toggle, essentially supersedes the mechanic of catching lower rarity fish. By making this change (removal of lower tiered fish with each additional level of Tackle), the value of the Tackle upgrade would improve, drastically.
or maybe introduce a guild building....similar to how the stable giving a benefit every 5 levels:
level 05: minimum fishlevel 2
level 10: minimum fishlevel 3
level 15: minimum fishlevel 4
level 20: minimum fishlevel 5
level 25: minimum fishlevel 6
level 30: minimum fishlevel 7

no idea what the other effect would be (+x% something.....rarity/quality/chance for higher fish/fishing energy regenartion).....thinking about it a little more i think chance for higher quality fish is missing in the lab upgrades
MorDoKuli member
building like this would be too OP
Not really as it becomes useless with higher equipment. But it would give a big boost to the early fishing levels. For example I have rod 4 and tackle 4 and I only see fish 1-3 in 1% of the ponds, so the level 15 building would be basically useless for me. The next levels would give me a nice boost though (lvl 30 stopping the weakest 15% of my ponds from happening, since I would never catch those, it is like fishes would show up every 6 seconds and not 7). But the higher equipment you get the more useless this building is for you.
#6 helps the f2p players a lot more than the p2w players
MorDoKuli member
The problem with a building like this is that someone would inevitably make a character and not fish until they could join a high level guild with a high version of this building just to see if it would let them fish at all. I could see someone use an alt with a level 1 rod and a level 20 of this building to break the game, just for the hell of it. If someone was a returning player looking for a guild and just happened to join a guild with the building high enough, they wouldn't be able to fish, period, without buying a fish whistle- and maybe not even then. Plus, the moment you get rod 4 or so the building would be useless anyways- you'd want it to go further then it possibly could. A higher quality fish building I could agree with, but there's no good way to balance a Fish Minimum Level building, you would screw someone over inevitably.
^ My thoughts exactly. If there's a minimum fish level put into this game, it should be specific to the player, not a guild feature. But I don't see such a feature being easy to balance no matter how it's done. It would probably be better just to adjust how the tackle is balanced than to have an actual minimum fish level.

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