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New guild building propositions
Personally I'd like to see a building that "buffs" the other guild buildings by a %. This building wouldn't have a cap ideally, but the % increase per level would be small, but large enough to be noticeable. It also revives the use of one of the most common resources, stone.
only chaos have bilion of stone in bank and everyone else are farming stone hard for their buildings ^^
It's an idle game, not everyone is supposed to be at the same progression level. Higher level guilds in any game always have an advantage of some sort. Besides, like I said, it wouldn't be anything crazy, probably end up on average of like a 3% DPS increase, but at least I wouldn't be sitting with 4,000,000 stone that's just going to get tossed into nothing.
only chaos have issue with it so its ignored Sad

i made this thread to think about some kind easy to add building that wouldnt take much time and your idea would affect many things that are now and will be in future added so i doubt it will work
I think fish NRG gain time reduction would be a good building. I would say 0.5% a level but maybe 0.4%.

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