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Card-based PolyMorph
In many games, the more time you spend around a monster the more you understand it.  If you're the magical type you might even be able to turn into that beast.

Different monsters should have abilities we can use if we use up some of their cards.  Pirates increase gold drop temporarly. Flying monsters let you attack faster for a bit.  Virus could give you a small extra attack (pretending to be Damage over time from a poison) Undead/death/assassin could put a type of final blow on the player like the pets have.  Big brutes liek yeti's giving small attack power for a while..  

Only one effect could be active at a time and maybe limit it to non challenges? Don't think that limit is needed but I do understand powercreep, so, yeah. 

I suggest either all of these be temporary and reduce the total card count, OR a microscopic permanent effect that is based on card count of all matching monster types. Maybe scrap it all and just have cards determine how much damage you do to just that monster?  (if you're feeling mean)
Currently cards are just trophies, that don't count as trophies (honestly why isn't there a card count trophy path)  this feature needs some love.
This game screams "Look at what I can do" like Stewart from MadTV.

Harsh because I care.

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