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Card Pack on others? / Trading
Direct me to where this suggestion has already been made.  It has to have been suggested at some point.

With how much the codes seem to love card packs, (and almost never dynamite) Lets increase player interaction by letting the cards be tradable.

I can already hear the replies about alts and cheating but hear me out.  This can be settled in many ways.
Prove it!
Make it so you turn in cards for your damage bonus.  (ex: like pearls in fishing)  Only cards not turned in are available to trade. (Stops a compromised account from being neutered) can be auto, like we have now, or manual turn in. Auto by default.
to keep card count the same you could make all trades be 1:1 and only letting boss cards be traded for other boss cards.
This is bland but a viable option.  I see many ways of doing this, with procedures that are already used elsewhere in game.
Gifting packs
Applying up to 2 packs of yours (total) per day to a name in your party, (same party so no cross-ascension help) and it opens for the monster that person is fighting right then. (no saving of the pack)  If we had a Mail system.... sorry won't go there.

I say 2 because daily codes ALWAYS give at least one pack and after support level 2 packs would build up an the player couldn't give all their packs away.  Could charge diamonds/kreds to (reset/buy more) trades a day to allow whales to help others.

Useful for helping that guildmate you're in a party with get the last cards they need or just feel good for helping another person.
Self-trade / Making packs (very unlikely but meh on a roll)
If absolutely allergic to player interaction, turn in twice the cards you'd get from that size pack to get a pack you can use elsewhere. 

Heck doesn't even need to allow us to choose where it's applied. Just any random monsters that are not the cards turned in. (works great with "Prove It!" from above in "auto")  keeping track of cards you need is an active thing and this is supposed to be idle right? Wink

These are just what comes to mind at the moment.
This game screams "Look at what I can do" like Stewart from MadTV.

Harsh because I care.
there's this one:
Would not be a good idea. If the card pack gave cards based on the receivers total cards, it would be worthless and a waste of time. If the card pack gave cards based on the givers cards, it would be overpowered as you could easily pay a top player with something like a gift card/paypal to give you their card packs that give hundreds of thousands of cards in one pack.
I love the trading idea! Gifting packs would be alright so I could shower my new guildies with presents, but the idea of trading is the awesome one. I would love to be able to request trades to get rid of my excess and top off something else. It would give my guild another reason to interact, and might even get me chatting with party members again so we can be more efficient. As it stands, I don't even know my party members' names anymore, they're just a revolving door of names and levels that I don't really look at these days.

All aboard the trading hype train.

p.s. With the current gains system, boss cards aren't any harder to get anymore. Of course, Ray just said today that he's going to be changing the system again, so perhaps we'll be back to the days of avoiding bosses soon enough.
i'm all for this but if people find a way they are going to bypass the system so it needs a lot of testing to remove potential mechanical abuse, ofc bug abuse just results in a ban.

we need more ways for players to interact with eachother rather then simple guild features and challenges tbh

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